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inlet pipe

  1. PRL Motorsports Titanium Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Kit for the 2023+ DE5 Integra Type-S is Now Available!

    Maximize your DE5's engine intake system and turbocharger potential with the PRL Motorsports Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Kit. This kit is a direct bolt-on upgrade that eliminates intake airflow restriction before the turbocharger, allowing the turbocharger to operate more efficiently. Our design...
  2. 2023+ Acura Integra L15CA Titanium Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Development

    Our Product Development Team has been busy working on a Titanium Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Upgrade for the 11th Gen Civic 1.5T & 3rd Gen Acura platforms over the past few months. Today we installed our 3D printed prototype inlet pipe to test fitment before moving into production. Check it out...