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  1. Aurora Borealis Photos - May 2024 - Post Yours!

    For those in the northern States and Canada, there's quite a light show going on tonight. It has slowed down but here are some pictures from about an hour ago.
  2. Do you have a car totem?

    I'm curious to know if others here keep something special/sentimental in your car(s)? Personally I keep a small stuffed animal in mine, my "Co-Pilot Monkey", who rides shotgun in the cup holder. It all started when our family got fed up of not being able to tell which one was our Civic back in...
  3. Unpopular Opinions: Missing "features" you're happy about

    It's been mentioned here and there in various threads and posts, but nothing concentrated on the topic as far as I know. What are the features the car is missing, according to popular opinion, that you're actually happy are not there. I'm not talking about don't mind are not there, I'm saying...
  4. **Official Integra Forum Members' Type S Reviews**

    Instead of having a few hundred separate threads, I was hoping to have a compendium of members thoughts in one thread. Basically post your thoughts on the car whether it's after your first test drive or your evolving opinion, feel free to share and let the discussions flow as it will not be...
  5. Any good fitted alternatives to the OEM Type S car cover?

    I plan on storing my ITS for the winter and decided to skip the full on zip up car bag type cover, instead just putting a 6mil clear poly tarp (intended for a green house) over it to keep the humidity stable. Under that I just wanted a basic but fitted car cover to prevent the plastic touching...
  6. Torque Steer Rant

    Hear me out as I do my best impersonation of an old man yelling at clouds in regards to the issue of torque steer. Sorry, not sorry to all those I offend. Going through countless forum posts, videos, articles and their comment sections I think I've hit my limit of facepalm inducing opinions on...
  7. What color Type S do you want/have?

    I'm extremely curious to know what the distribution of colors is. Scrolling through the forum, certain colors are extremely favored, others non existent, so I was hoping to get a ballpark via an unscientific poll. I'll only give one guess what my preference is.