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  1. Magnetic Drain Plug and Magnets on Oil Filter - Do They Do Anything?

    Wow this interests me, but I really need the executive summary version!
  2. Is the type s able to run on 87?

    You run the risk of engine knock, which can damage your engine over time. I don't quite understand why you would spend over $50,000 on a car then take the risk of destroying or hurting an engine likely worth $10,000 to save a few bucks per month. Check out this video for some of the science:
  3. Sunshade

    Same here. Also their back seat covers are great if you have a dog riding in back, etc. Perfect fitment and great quality. Pricey though.
  4. F***ing dealership's shit job. 🤬

    Wait, now I see you live in Canada. At least you have great hockey!
  5. F***ing dealership's shit job. 🤬

    I hope you meant to write County and not Country?
  6. ITS at Virginia International Raceway (VIR), 1st event

    I think there is a market for a slightly up sized GR 86/BRZ, at least from an interior standpoint. Amazingly the now discontinued Hyundai Veloster N had about the exact same length as today's Toyota/Subaru cousins, about 167", a WHOPPING 19" shorter than our beloved ITS. Yet it had a very...
  7. ITS at Virginia International Raceway (VIR), 1st event

    If the base 1LT of the first year C8 had a manual transmission for it's then asking price of $59,995, I'd have bought one in a heartbeat. What a bargain. And the thought of doing it with the Museum Delivery and driving it home, how fun.
  8. Cones won't permanently hurt your car...

    So sorry to hear all this from a fellow owner that also plans on keeping their car "forever ". I incurred a door ding in month 3 of ownership along with a windshield rock chip which although filled still shows like a dead bug in my forward view. Both of these things albeit small bugged me...
  9. Car play disconnects music when I make or receive a call

    My first thought is that like Android Auto, Apple Carplay does not play well with Bluetooth, you sort of have to do one or the other but not both simultaneously.
  10. Aspec MT with 20" Volk TE37s, Mugen exhaust, Two tone wrap

    I am curious if your total cost is up to an Integra Type S yet?
  11. 🤔 It'd be nice if there's a ticker for text messages on the head up display

    At Strange. Android Auto will read them out to me with voice text reply capability.
  12. 🤔 It'd be nice if there's a ticker for text messages on the head up display

    In Android Auto mode phones with split view you get a circular # showing how many new text messages you have. Then you can just click on the number to access said messages.
  13. Gram Lights 57NR

    Not far off from the Enkei Triumph Wheel
  14. Black Chrome Badges

    They should have been the stock badge.
  15. Ain't She Purdy?

    Looking good fellow Tennessean!
  16. Anyone ever rented a car and drove around South Korea?

    I have not, but it's on the bucket list. And I would definitely rent one of these if I did: https://www.hyundai-n.com/en/models/n/i20-n.do
  17. Who wants a loud exhaust? (Apparently us sadists and psychos)

    Some may fit the bill, many will be stereotyped here. I would bet with the proliferation of quiet electric cars this stands out as more of an issue. I would also bet that the electric car buyer has more bias against louder ICE cars. I also wonder if they are hypocritical in their criticism...
  18. About to do first oil change

    Looking at your list of items you have for the job I have two words for you, Jack Stands.
  19. Does anyone have any tips for removing these water spots?

    If starting all over again it's important that you use the right kind of car wash soap to get the surface fully cleaned out. Something like this is good I believe: https://a.co/d/gUX7RYJ