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Search results

  1. Changing wheel specs

    Hello everyone, sort of new to any real modification on cars, my biggest experience was a shifter kit on my old accord. I am thinking about purchasing apex vs-5rs wheel and want to downsize to an 18 inch. Does downsizing rim size and keeping a relatively similar tire spec to match oem geometry...
  2. Used Type S for sale already

    Just wanted to see your thoughts on this used Type S I saw on sale already in the Chicago area, asking 59k is wild.
  3. Dealer has my deposit

    Hello all, I’m number 2 on Crown Acuras list for a Type S, and I paid a 1000 dollar “non-refundable” deposit. However in the mean time I had the opportunity to purchase a demo model type S. This 1000 dollar deposit is for a white over red car at 5k over MSRP which I was willing to pay to get one...
  4. Winter Tire Specs (Type S)

    Hello fellow owners wanted to see what your plans were for those getting winter tires. I have the accessory gold wheels, and the stock black wheels so was gonna try and find tires for that. Finding winters in 19 inch rims is not ideal. Tirerack is suggesting a 245/35/19 what are your opinions?