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  1. 2023 ASPEC Trade In Prices

    Hi all, I was recently notified that my LSM Intergra Type S is slated to be built in March and arrive in April. I ordered a LSM 2023 ASPEC 6-speed in 2022 and have put on roughly 12k miles on it. I am curious to see if any of you have made the same leap and what you got on trade in for a...
  2. Passenger Seatbelt banging

    Yes, it drives me wild. Even without a cross-breeze it still flaps. That and the rear-middle passenger seat belt flapping around. I've said it once before, but this is one of the worst cars I have owned to drive with the windows down.
  3. The Integra is a major let down

    I’m starting to feel increasingly lucky about my Integra. The only rattle I had was the seat belt wall attachment. Nothing else. However, this car sucks to have the windows down in. Rear seat belts flap around and the passenger seatbelt slaps the interior plastic even without a crosswind.
  4. Drivetrain vibration / metal rattle sound

    LMAO, it's not a mid shift bearing as much as he wants to believe it is.
  5. Car and Driver September Issue, Cover Story

    Are you looking for a download of the article? https://apple.news/I1bIVqlCUQXmHlrVkD2OJHA
  6. Drivetrain vibration / metal rattle sound

    I had this issue the day I picked up my 2023 ASPEC. It is the wastegate arm. I took my car back to the dealer for them to diagnose. They made me drive a tech around in my car and then the 2 other (at the time) 6MT Integras. They all had the same noise, so I was told it was a "characteristic" of...
  7. How to make Individual mode selected when car starts

    https://www.idlestopper.com/product/idscontroller/8 This is what I planned to put on my integra. It replicates clicking individual mode after the car is started. I’d assume this would work for the 2024 ASPEC/Tech and Type-S
  8. Bridging the Gap from the 1.5 to the ITS

    I feel like headstuds should be #2 on the list if you are aiming to hit 300hp on any of the 1.5T motors. The L15B is notorious for the head lifting in high boost scenarios. I feel the L15CA probably has the same issue.
  9. The rattles and the buzzing 😩

    My ASPEC had the same issue with the shoulder sliders. They buzzed till I pushed on them.
  10. 4,000+ RPM Vibration/Rattle

    My car has it as well. It’s the waste-gate arms that rattle. Super annoying and my dealership won’t do anything about it.
  11. For those who aren't in lucky 200, how flexible are you on color combos?

    If I didn’t have an aspec/tech, I would probably settle. But if it takes till next summer… I’ll wait for the spec I want.
  12. Mpg

    Over 4k miles of 50/50 city streets and highway driving, my average is 33 mpg on my 6speed ASPEC. I stomp on it most days getting onto the freeway and do 80+.
  13. So had just about every light on my dash turn on randomly driving on the highway .. anyone else experience this?

    My car had this issue when my driver side headlight started shorting after my car was struck while parked. Water got into the housing and caused the car to throw every single code imaginable.
  14. New owner - 2023 Silver Integra!

    Summer tires and lighter rims on this car are the best bang for your buck performance upgrade. I was going to do the same but am now waiting on a Type S.
  15. 1.5L TurboCharged Engine a ticking bomb?

    The L15CA motor, like the L15B7, is fine if you keep up on maintenance and don’t try to shove a bunch of power into it without supporting mods. It seems these motors do fine with autox events and occasional track days, stock. Just keep up on maintenance.
  16. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    I don’t hate the L15CA, it gets the job done. But I can completely understand why you waited. The 1.5 would have been greatly suited for a lighter, coupe variant of the Integra. But let’s be honest, the ASPEC should have came with the detuned 2.0T that the Accord now lacks.
  17. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    Curse you, I’m #12!! I was late to putting in an order on my ASPEC 6MT, but got my Integra before a lot of people last year. I think my likeness for Lunar Silver helps.
  18. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    Acura of Brookfield in Wisconsin. MSRP, No markup and no forced packages. The staff is awesome there!
  19. Dust in Headlights

    I’ve noticed it as well… it’s annoying.