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  1. WTB: FL5 ADS module

    Look on the FL5 forums! Lot of people are changing to the DE5 ADS!
  2. Sunshade

    Tinted windows!
  3. Sunshade

    Here, police has photometers and will test your windows live when they arrest you. Been there, done that. Now I keep my cars legal.
  4. Best seat color option

    It was indeed a special benneton version of the car!
  5. Sunshade

    Wish we could have tinted windshield and side front windows here. But it is illegal, and I got caught in the past (had to remove the tint on the side front windows - what a PITA and wasted money!)
  6. Sunshade

    Thanks for all the replies. Tinted windshields are illegal here, so that is a no go for me. I guess I'll go with Weathertech as it ships from Canada. It is a bit expensive (100$), but probably better in the long run than a "one size fits all" from Walmart or Canadian Tire. I had one of these a...
  7. Sunshade

    Would like to buy a sunshade for my ITS. Anyone get a suggestion? I was looking at Weathertech, but don't know about the quality and fitment. Don't have other ideas, so thought about asking here. Will ideally need to be shipped from Canada to avoid high shipping cost, customs and brokerage...
  8. What did you do to your Integra Type S today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Discovered that my door is rubbing inside the door frame... I've touched up the area couple times, and it was always coming back. Never had that on any other car I've owned! Not sure how dealer will handle this.
  9. Mixing 91+100 to get 93 in California

    I've run 91 since the beginning because 93 is not available. No problem yet.
  10. Three stages of DTC in regards to Pops and Bangs

    Didn't use the reader. When I drove the car this Saturday, they were back, and super loud... Don't understand!
  11. Defect in shifter/gearbox or is this normal?

    Can you use Synchromesh friction modified tranny fluid with the LSD? I've done it on two Honda 6MT cars, but they had no LSD in the tranny...
  12. Type S fuel cost

    Here it is 2$/l for 91...
  13. Integra Type S driving Styles with Breakin Period

    The break in was 1000 km in the manual, which is 625 miles... Why would you guys have a 1000 miles break in?
  14. Rock Stuck in between brake rotor and brake dust sheild

    There is already a thread about this in the Type S section.
  15. Cones won't permanently hurt your car...

    Lol, I have that Blipshift shirt!! By the way, it's really cool to receive their email once a day as they have sometimes super nice shirts and other merch. You only have 2 days to order a shirt when they go out, so must be quick!
  16. OEM Type S exhaust

    Would take it if I was closer. But I'm far, far away...
  17. Phone Charger always stops working

    I was super happy the car had this wireless charger. But it is so bad that it is useless... I too use a wire to charge now.
  18. Three stages of DTC in regards to Pops and Bangs

    Paid for an OBD blocker to secure the car. It is not super fun to everytime, have to remove the blocker to get access to the ODB port. God, I've used the OBD port on the ITS more times than I used it on all the other cars I ever owned in the past!
  19. Three stages of DTC in regards to Pops and Bangs

    Well, lost my pops and bangs yesterday. No check engine, nothing seems to be wrong. There are just gone. Will have to check with my reader when I have time to see if there is a stored code. Probably...