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  1. A’Pexi Exhaust In The Works

    It seems pretty quiet open or closed, with or without front pipe.
  2. Who wants a loud exhaust? (Apparently us sadists and psychos)

    This is totally insightful, which is absolutely why I take zero stock in social media, or "news" nowadays. Just nice to have the discussion lol
  3. Who wants a loud exhaust? (Apparently us sadists and psychos)

    lol so true, the embodiment of every suburbanite Karen walking her dog with a pitch fork and torch. Guess gear heads are just the latest on the chopping block.
  4. Hood strut options?

    This thread has most known options, problem (YYMV) is that they all replace a strut tower bolt as a mounting position. https://www.integraforums.com/forum/threads/redline-tuning-hood-struts.50573/
  5. What did you do to your Integra Type S today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Installed Acuity cable bushings and Hybrid racing detent springs. Mostly disappointed in the cable bushings, I would reco saving the money for the full shifter swap. I havent swapped shifter bushings in a car since my 96 GSR, and those urethane bushings were a night and day swap. I guess...
  6. Who wants a loud exhaust? (Apparently us sadists and psychos)

    Slow canadian news day 🤣😂
  7. Who wants a loud exhaust? (Apparently us sadists and psychos)

    Agreed, the article paints a completely biased, generalized picture of the enthusiast scene, had me wondering if I were potentially a sadist or a psychopath for a split second tho hahaha.
  8. Who wants a loud exhaust? (Apparently us sadists and psychos)

    Totally, its interesting that you mention EV bias that sounds totally plausible. The prof that conducted the study absolutely sounds like she had a bias. It just never occured to me that having a preference for a louder exhaust could ever label someone a sadist or psycho lol. Also seems like...
  9. Who wants a loud exhaust? (Apparently us sadists and psychos)

    Is the study wrong? LOL https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/loud-car-study-psychology-1.7177688#:~:text=The%20pilot%20study%2C%20titled%20%22A,Current%20Issues%20in%20Personality%20Psychology.
  10. 2nd gear grind

    The video in the original post by @ST675R explains the process in detail.
  11. Review: 2024 Acura Integra Type S - In Defense of the Type S

    In total agreeance here totally fell in love with the FL5 at first sight, however my brain beat out my heart for the ITS. At their current respective prices Adm Included, the ITS just makes more sense, I couldnt bring myself to pay more (for the FL5) to receive functionally less (heated...
  12. Would the Type S Actually Benefit from a Front Strut Bar?

    AFAIK functionally the closer a vehicles front struts are located to the cars firewall, the less likely it is to benefit from a front strut bar, due to the rigidity of the firewall. A rear strut, or front and rear sway bars may be a better performance per dollar investment.
  13. Burples and pops GONE, Fixed.

    Curious, do you happen to just have the tune flashed directly to your ecu without a hondata flashpro? Wouldnt you need the flashpro to go back to stock? Just trying to figure this tuning situation out, still need to send mine out to unlock and wondering if i need to grab the flashpro in the...
  14. Burples and pops GONE, Fixed.

    The worm gear clamps, on both the intake and charge pipes, are worth a check if you're already poking around, probably not the cause of the CELs, but I did notice after a few drives that mine (HVI and turbo inlet only) had become quite loose.
  15. A’Pexi Exhaust In The Works

    The only difference between the FL5 and DE5 versions is the extension of the tips DE5 FL5
  16. A’Pexi Exhaust In The Works

    Only of the FL5 version i believe and they are only able to have their valve either full open, in +R or variable I believe. Not affiliated with either of these skip to 19:30 - apparently he's since switched to the AWE, just due to looks preference
  17. A’Pexi Exhaust In The Works

    The sound of the Apexi is nice and clean and the fact that its valved its a total bonus. At first I was 100% sold on it, but after looking at multiple pics it just gives off a blue balls look lol. I wish they provided various tip options, I mean I could always cut'em in favour of something...
  18. Eventuri vs Gruppe M intakes

    Yup, eventuri on DE5 above, I think Optronix is more concerned with the fitment of the GruppeM/Blitz since there hasnt been any DE5 confirmation on the fender side intake mounting point and front grill scoop.
  19. NO TUNE POWER ADDER?? HPS Charge pipes installed...

    Close ups of the additional PRL cold side inlet for reference. I still feel like the rigidity of the full aluminum HPS set would be more beneficial at higher hp applications, but that inlet size difference seems huge. Also PSA tighten your gear clamps properly, Gridzilla had a boose leak due to...
  20. Burples and pops GONE, Fixed.

    My FP should be in sometime this week, which DP did you go with? The RV6 has me clearing codes almost every other day. The supposed fix for my particular issue is to screw the defouler in further, which is why im looking into blankets, cause if I cant turn it while its installed, ive gotta take...