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  1. Review: 2024 Acura Integra Type S - In Defense of the Type S

    I've been thinking about sending all of my posts to Optronix before I post so he can edit them to include something about how my Type R is a True Driver's Car Better Than All Cars Twice The Price, And Trust Me Because Did You Know I Own A Porsche?
  2. Sound-deadened the ITS a bit

    Can I ask how much you paid for just the sound deadening? I'd like to do something similar on my FL5 but have no conception of how much it costs. Does it make a big difference? Feel worth the price?
  3. As anyone actually traded their FL5 Type R for a DES Type s?

    Get the Crosstrek but also get a Miata. That's like a perfect no frills two car garage right there. Win-win.
  4. Is it as cool as I think it is?

    Yes this is the worst and probably my least favorite thing about being "into cars". God forbid someone has different priorities in a car than you do. I appreciate the rare person who has a sense of humor (or even basic lightheartedness!) about the car(s) they own.
  5. Is it as cool as I think it is?

    A lot of the early buyers did so in a time when you could still sell a car for near what you paid — so they might not have been planning to keep it long term. That time has ended, but I imagine some people didn’t realize they were committing to a $55K car and now want out. I also think people...
  6. Is it as cool as I think it is?

    The key thing with optronix is not to give him too much attention. As for the ITS, definitely give it or a CTR a test drive if you can — maybe look for dealers with used models as they’re more likely to let you drive those. They’re good cars but it really depends on your priorities in a car. I...
  7. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    Depends on your specific area (not happening where I live in the PNW) but I’ve already seen a few new ones sell for under 50K.
  8. Car and Driver overall rating finally.... Perfect 10

    Awesome comment. Funny and incisive — I'd love to hear more from you in general, and wonder if you'd be able to find any new ways to unintelligently critique others in this thread? I think I speak for everyone here when I say that it's actually pretty awesome when people such as yourself are...
  9. Car and Driver overall rating finally.... Perfect 10

    The RS3 is pretty much the perfect daily if you can get on with the size — the engine really makes the car. But the inputs are more numb than the CTR/ITS. For the same price and as a daily, I'd take the RS3 over the CTR/ITS any day. But obviously it's 10K more than the ITS and 20K more than the CTR.
  10. Integra Type S Wins 2024 Road & Track Performance Car of the Year Award - Completes Automotive "Triple Crown"

    I agree with everyone here on wishing the Type S/R was RWD. FWD is always a compromise. Even so, it's a great car. But what I really want to hear is why you traded the Blackwing!
  11. ITS or other performance vehicle?

    Whatever you do, don't pay over MSRP for any of these cars. There are a few low-milage used blue ITS on Autotrader for under MSRP.
  12. As anyone actually traded their FL5 Type R for a DES Type s?

    If the Type S had the body and interior of the Type R I'd probably go for it. But I don't like how the Type S looks inside and out, I don't like the seats, I don't like the headroom in the back seats, I don't like the higher height of the hatch, I don't like that it's longer, and I prefer made...
  13. Sold - BBS wheels & Michelin PS4s for sale

    What car did you get instead?
  14. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    Congrats on the deal and I think this is good news for prices/markups in general. I bet we see used ones in the low to mid 40s 6-12 months from now.
  15. WA: BBS Wheels & Michelin PS4s for sale

    Here’s a bump for you, but also curious why you sold the car!
  16. Pulled the trigger - Initial Review

    Great writeup — and balanced! Not always something you see on car forums, hah. I pretty much agree with you on everything here.
  17. Changing from OEM Tires on Type S

    I’ve had both on the same car/wheels and you definitely will — DWS 06+ is a great all season but PS4S is noticeably better on a warm, dry day.
  18. Oem tires in the snow.

    Don’t do it. PS4S are not good in cold weather in general.
  19. Just Totaled my 2020 Type R, looking at the new integra

    If you decide not to go for that FL5 deal (and I would if I were you), I'd be interested.
  20. Everyday Driver: Integra Type-S, Civic Type-R, Audi S3 comparison review

    The 8Y RS3 is a great car. I’d say the ITS/CTR has better inputs, but the RS3 to me feels more playful. It’s also obviously much faster and quite a bit nicer inside, even if it’s probably not as nice as it should be for $65K. To me the RS3 feels more worth its price than the ITS (assuming both...