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  1. Steering wheel creak

    Apologies if there is another thread regarding this topic; I thought I saw one in the past, but couldn't find anything in my search. We are now 5600 miles and 11 months into the ownership of my 23 Aspec Tech Integra. In the beginning, we had battled through a litany of electrical gremlins...
  2. Headlights

    Does anyone else have an issue with morons turning their bright lights on at them at night? It happens to me at least once every night that I am driving. I give the stupid a bright back in their face for being an asshat but I'm curious if this is an issue for others. Are the low beams making the...
  3. Rust permeating from center cap

    Well, this is new. Occurring on both rear wheels. Never seen a vehicle do this before. Car goes through an automatic car wash weekly (except when the dealer had it) and gets a hand detail on top of that at least once a month.
  4. Is the Integra beautiful?

    I'll preface this by saying I have never received the amount of attention I get with any vehicle over what I have gotten in the new Integra. Yesterday, I had a random person stop me to ask about the car and tell me the car is beautiful while knowing not even what it was (asked if it was a TLX)...
  5. Brake System & Parking Sensor Errors

    I am starting this thread to document the issues I experienced regarding the brake system and parking sensors. This also to stop high jacking jcombs91's thread. On 11/21, when backing into my driveway, my car threw 3 errors along with a "brake system" warning light at 1601 miles. Pics of the...
  6. Boost Pressure

    Out of curiosity, I plugged in an OBDII reader I had to see what boost pressure the engine made after reading from other users, it was lower than the advertised maximum. The reader reads the MAP sensor value. I saw a maximum of 7psi at partial throttle and 5psi at WOT in 2nd and 3rd gear in...