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Search results

  1. Car Play Stopped Working

    The other day my Car Play stopped working. I tried everything from reinstalling the phone and and checking all the settings. My phone has the latest update also. Another person at work had the same thing happen in his Toyota. Anyone else have a problem?
  2. Door Sill PPF

    I noticed I have a chip in the paint on the door sill. I ordered touch up paint but was wondering if they make pre cut PPF for it. A google search didn’t show much
  3. Heated Wheel

    It's hard to believe that my steering wheel is not heated. The dealer wants over $1000 to install one. I read somewhere that only Canadian cars come standard with them, is that true?
  4. Rear Camera Issue

    Does anyone else have a problem with the rear view camera in the rain? I've never had a car where the rain makes the camera useless as much as the ITS.
  5. Heated Steering Wheel

    My dealer quoted me $475 for the part and 2 hrs labor which is another $400 plus tax. I paid half of that to get it in my RDX. Why isn't it included with the heated seats?
  6. Blacked Out Emblems

    My dealer quoted me a ridiculous price of $1000 plus tax to buy blacked out emblems and installation. I guess I won't be getting it done by them.
  7. Summer Tires

    Has anyone kept the Summer tires on year round? I did in my Alfa 4C with no problems. Of course it wasn't my daily driver.