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  1. Widest Tires on the DE5?

    What is the widest tire and at what offset have people been able to squeeze in? I see some folks claiming up to 305 will fit on their CTR with some added camber, but not sure if our fenders are that identical in size. Currently running +15mm front and back, H&R springs (.8" drop). Was only...
  2. APEX VS-5RS Centercaps

    I know quite a few folks here are running the Apexs, I was wondering if anyone has a picture with the Acura center cap? I thought they were sized to fit OEM but I haven't been able to find a pic of it with the OEM installed. For those that aren't aware, Apex is running a pretty big sale on...
  3. Front Pipe Install

    Anyone done a front pipe yet? I installed the TSP downpipe yesterday, wasn't difficult but had quite a few steps not covered by any videos I watched which made the process a lot longer than it had to be... Was going to do the FP at the same time, but the rear plastic shielding is massive and...
  4. Short Throw Shifter Option

    Pretty interesting setup. 30% and 50% reductions are pretty major. https://www.hybrid-racing.com/products/hybrid-racing-short-shifter-assembly-22-civic-integra
  5. Anyone done H&R springs or planning to?

    Still debating spring options, leaning towards H&Rs for the FL5 due to mild drop and stock like ride. Anyone else have them or planning to?
  6. FS: Synth Carbon CF Overlays - Sold

    Decided against installing. Have the Synth CF carbon console cover and cup holder inserts. Never installed, I just placed it on the console for the picture. If you search for Synth Carbon on these forums you can see the positives and negatives on these. It is a 2D overlay, meaning it will just...
  7. Rear Motor Mount

    Anyone considering installing a rear motor mount? I am looking at the PRL, almost pulled the trigger a few times but am concerned with the increased NVH. I have dogbone inserts on my current car and it created quite a rattle in parts of the RPM range which drives me nuts. That said, would love...
  8. Dynamat Installation

    My plan is to replace my red door panels with black, and since I am taking everything apart anyway, would there be any noticeable benefit to applying some dynamat or similar product? I have never done it before, so any tips if it would be helpful or where to apply it would be appreciated.
  9. Homelink Alternatives

    So I know we can install the Accord rear view mirror to add homelink capabilities. That's definitely a long term option for me, but from past experience I always have felt like it's a bit much paying $300 for something a $20 remote garage opener can do... So with that said, any logical place...
  10. Wheel Spacer Sizing

    I know people have just started getting their cars, but was wondering if anyone has measured fender gap, or even eyeballed the demo's at the dealer to see roughly what size spacer we should be running? Also do the stock rims have the same pocket to allow for the 15mm and smaller spacers to fit...
  11. Dreamshop Type S Parts

    FYI, Dreamshop now has the Type S up so you can find Part Numbers, etc.
  12. Type-S Specific Part Numbers

    Does anyone have access to Type-S specific part numbers yet? Any place on the web to find the full part blowout diagrams and such? I was able to get all the accessories I wanted by playing with the part numbers, but haven't had luck with the rest of the parts. Trying to find part numbers for...
  13. Headroom Question

    So this is an odd question, but why does the standard Integra with sunroof have the same headroom measurements as the Type-S without? They are both 37.6" which matches the Civic HB numbers with sunroof. But if you get the HB without sunroof, you get 1.7" additional inches which the CTR also...
  14. Interior Swap Red for Black - Type S

    So I know it's a stretch, but I really wanted black interior but that wasn't an option for the first 200 (LMC). Let me know if anyone is on the west coast and wants to swap any pieces.
  15. Personalized Plate

    You think California would allow this one :)
  16. Swapping out Passenger Pad along dash/center console

    I have my red interior ITS on the way shortly (fingers crossed) and I wanted to subdue the red a bit. Looking at swapping out the large ITS specific pad that runs on the passenger side with black. (yes, feel free to message me if you want the red one, LOL). Has anyone removed theirs or having...
  17. Mirror Caps - ITS

    I know the CF mirror caps are a factory option and popular, but I already went down the CF rabbit hole on my current car and don't want to repeat that mistake. Given the amount of gloss black already on the ITS, my preference would be to go gloss black on the mirror caps as well. Does anyone...