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  1. What did you do to your Integra Type S today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Congrats! I’m just going to warn my wife to brace herself!
  2. Apex Blue Appreciation Thread

    Looking great! I really like our color choice! Maybe I will see you on the road during our many trips to PA. Did you tint the windows? If so, what level? I am thinking about getting that done.
  3. Front parking sensors can identify curbs?

    Thanks. This is a good deal and I was considering FitcamX or the Viofo A119 mini 2. It does look exactly like the FitcamX and Mikstore even uses the FitcamX footage as an example. Did it arrive in a FitcamX box with their documentation?
  4. Front parking sensors can identify curbs?

    Can you provide a link to the dash cam and connector? Thanks!
  5. Dash Cam Hardwire?

    Did you pull off the trim from the A pilar or just tuck the wire in?
  6. DAE get little rocks stuck between rotor and brake shield?

    Happened to me for the first time today with a little over 300 miles. My ITS was hibernating for weeks at a time during the last couple of month, but now it’s getting out to play as temps are warming up. I am more thrilled about this car every day, but that screeching sound makes me cringe and...
  7. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    I have two blue cars and I am thrilled one of them is the ITS! :cool:
  8. Opinion and slightly modded Type-S Thread

    I saw that $1,000 bump in MSRP too. I am not sure when it happened, but I am happy to have locked in my deal July 2023 and then picked it up in January. Congrats and welcome!:thumbsup:
  9. Mud flaps question - APB with copper wheels. - What if I want to reverse.

    I installed them on my ITS recently. Similar to other people here, I did not use the clips for the rear splashguards. I think they feel very secure without them. I plan to check them whenever I wash the car just to ensure things are still good, but I don’t expect things to change. Without...
  10. Integra Type-S Expansion tank failure.

    Thanks for all of the good info!
  11. Integra Type-S Expansion tank failure.

    How long did it take? What's the part number? I cannot find the ITS on their website.
  12. Let's influence RokBlokz to make ITS Mud Flaps

    Did you install the splash guards yourself? If so, did you use the spring clips in the rear?
  13. Splash Guards

    Are they still holding tight in the rear without the spring clips? I may skip that step too.
  14. Splash Guards

    Did you use the spring clips in the rear? If I’m looking at the instructions correctly, it seems they contact the paintwork. I put the front splashguards on today, but need to get a smaller tool for the rear. so, I haven’t touched those yet.
  15. What did you do to your Integra Type S today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    I like the proactive action you took with the expansion tank. The new one looks nice! It hurt me to see the scratch...hopefully it can be buffed out. Seeing that happen to a couple of other people in the message boards had me opening my hatch very slowly and holding it all the way up, until I...
  16. ITS or other performance vehicle?

    I didn’t test drive the Types S before arriving at the dealership to take delivery. I could see from all of the videos, posts, and articles that it was the one for me. I have absolutely no regrets about getting the Type S. The looks, plus having the power and handling there when I want to...
  17. Barely used sunshade - half price ($40)

    Did you find the WeatherTech sunshade was worth the $77 after shipping? I am searching for a good sunshade that fits well in the ITS.
  18. 2024 Estimated Production Schedule for each Color Scheme on Integra Type S

    That’s great news! I definitely think it is worth the wait for the APB.