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  1. Hondata Tour Jailbreaking the DE5

    I pre-ordered and will be in Woodstock in the morning. I could not find the time it starts. Does anyone know?
  2. Wheel Spacer Sizing

    I'm considering spacers, but I track my car. Are there any downsides to track handling? I may just buy different wheels when the current tires are due to be replaced. I want something that looks better, but will not negatively affect my track days.
  3. Integra Type S driving Styles with Breakin Period

    I bought my car at 2800 miles. I planned to track it right away. I asked the service department at Acura and they refused stating the warranty service only covers when the car engine light says it's time to change. Not knowing how the first owner drove and knowing I was going to be driving the...
  4. Hondata Tour Jailbreaking the DE5

    I'm also going to the Woodstock event, but I live a little over an hour away. I plan on leaving first thing in the morning. From the videos I have seen, there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of people at these events. There is a good chance no one is left out. Perhaps a call to Hondata would...
  5. Hondata Tour Jailbreaking the DE5

    This post got me thinking about how many cars I have purchased recently. Just since 2016, I have bought six cars (not counting cars for wife or kids). I get the ole, "why are you buying another car? What's wrong with your current car?" every time. It is a sickness. I could have worse...
  6. Hondata Tour Jailbreaking the DE5

    So, the five step option via the cruise control is only available with the Phearable tune? Hondata doesn't offer anything like that? It just affects every setting with no option to change on the fly?
  7. Hondata Tour Jailbreaking the DE5

    May as well make the car sound more aggressive while changing the stock tune. If I understand from the videos, you can back off the more aggressive pops if you don't like them.
  8. Hondata Tour Jailbreaking the DE5

    I appreciate the heads-up on the pre-purchase. I pulled the trigger and will be in Woodstock on the 20th. Since I try to be a good husband and discuss purchases with the wife, I ran it by her first. She just asked where it ends. Not an easy question since the answer is probably never. I think...
  9. Hondata Tour Jailbreaking the DE5

    I watched Johnathan's video and want to hit the jailbreak tour while they are in GA. I am also interested in the Phearable stage 2 tune. My question is, do I need to pay for Hondata and then Phearable or can I save some money packaging this stuff together? I understand they are two different...
  10. 400hp possible?

    I appreciate your input. I went completely stock to the first event except I did swap to DOT 4 fluid. I didn't experience any fade through three open track sessions when others with new cars were fading by the end of the second. If I swap to a better pad in the front, I can keep the rotors and...
  11. 400hp possible?

    Since I'm just doing track nights sponsored by the SCCA right now, I'm not out on the track for more than 25 minutes at a time. I can watch the heat and adjust as needed. Can I just go straight into the Hondata tune without any bolt-ons? They seem to be touring and will be around me on April...
  12. 400hp possible?

    I've been out on the track once and am thinking about increasing the horsepower. The sales manager at my local Acura said I could just flash the car and get up to 400hp. Sounds too good to be true. I would think I at least need to swap some parts like the intake. Do I also need to look into...
  13. DE5 3” cat-back exhaust (MBRP)

    I'd like to see the burnt tips on the vehicle. I don't think it's on the website.
  14. DE5 3” cat-back exhaust (MBRP)

    I saw your video on YT, searched for MBRP 3” cat-back and it brought me to this forum which I'm already a part of. Small world. Is this now available to purchase?
  15. Track Prep

    Acura said if they entered that I brought my own brake fluid on the service contract, there may be warranty issues later. They had their own dot 4 fluid they use, so I agreed to use theirs. I don't want something to happened and they blame it on aftermarket brake fluid. Just a heads-up for...
  16. Track Prep

    Hey guys. I want to make sure I'm buying the right brake fluid for this. Amazon seems to think this doesn't go with my ITS, but this is what was recommended. Also, do I get two bottles or more if I'm replacing all four brakes...
  17. Track Prep

    I had some local guys also recommend Discovery Parts at AMP. I went on their website and it appears they rent helmets for a day. I should be able to try on and rent the first day and decide if I want to buy a nice helmet afterwards.
  18. Track Prep

    Looking for gloves, a balaclava and a helmet have been tough. I want to invest in something that will last for a while and protect me, but not spend an arm and a leg. I found a pair of Track Armour gloves that are SFI 3.3/5 Nomex and an Alipnestars balaclava that seem fairly decent quality and...
  19. Track Prep

    I have about 3600 miles on the vehicle and will be close to 5000 by the time of the event on March 20th. I'll get with my local dealership for the oil change and rotation prior to. Do I use recommended oil from the dealership (0w20 full synthetic) or ask them for something more viscous? I was...
  20. Track Prep

    I'm thinking about joining a track day at my local Atlanta Motorsports Park. Being my first track day ever, what do I need to know and prepare for? They require a helmet, but nothing else. No mention of a tow hook. Another thread mentioned the psi should be 41 front and 33 rear cold according...