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  1. 2024 Integra Type S vs Civic Type R, Acura NSX, Honda S2K, ITR (Drag Race)

    For those that like this type of comparison enjoy.
  2. Lifting the car for servicing

    I have a 3-ton floor jack combined with jack stands that I use to lift my vehicles at home. The integra is different. Don't have a lift point in the back don't see one in the front. Right now I don't feel in the mood to spend a lot of money in a QuickJack 7000. This would be my dream but I...
  3. Integra stock clutch

    Those familiar with the Civic SI know that the stuck clutch isn't strong. Some folks had experienced slippage in the 10th generation at stock power levels. Chances increase once you start tuning and the need for a new clutch should be a priority. Does Acura use the same clutch unit as the...