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  1. Integra Type S driving Styles with Breakin Period

    I get it man, I was just being funny. Like others have said to each his own, I prefer, for peace of mind, to change it after the first 1k then again at 5k, and every 5k after that, so that is what I am doing. I hit 990 last night. Got my oil, crush washers and filters and ramps ready to go...
  2. Integra Type S driving Styles with Breakin Period

    Amsoil claims 25k miles, and I do use it in all my vehicles, but I would never let my oil go more than 5k miles. When I can't get to it in my Z for example, if it takes until 6500 miles, I don't sweat it, knowing that the oil is good for 25k miles according to Amsoil, but I do try to be on time...
  3. which oil filter?

    I ordered both an Amsoil filter and a crush washer, plus 3 genuine Honda oil filters and crush washers, so, Ill try them both and I am set for the next 4 oil changes. Just need to order oil for those, for the first one I just ordered 6 quarts, but in the future, Ill order gallons instead so I...
  4. Black or Red interior on White... ughhhhh

    Tigers eye is amazing in the sun, and Apex bl;ue is also very nice.
  5. Integra Type S driving Styles with Breakin Period

    Nice, pretty much how I like to do it too. I just hit 700 miles so I am now revving to 5k, after 1k miles I will take it to 7k and drop the oil and filter.
  6. Integra Type S driving Styles with Breakin Period

    It is hilarious that you think changing the oil is a bad thing, awesome, thank you.
  7. Integra Type S driving Styles with Breakin Period

    I just hit 700 miles and ordered my oil so when I hit 1k I can drop the oil and filter. What filter does everyone use? Acura filter from the dealer or aftermarket?
  8. which oil filter?

    I like to use Amsoil synthetic in all my vehicles, but they don't have a Type S specific oil filter that I can find, what is the best bet for oil filters? Dealer? auto parts store? What brand? What does everyone here use? I can go to a dealer, if need be, but I wanted to see what the consensus was.
  9. Seat Covers?

    Well you don't have to remove the headrest but you can, the seat cover has 4 snaps at the top you can open to allow it to fit or you can remove it then replace it, yes they are permanent seat covers, they slip over like a shirt, no straps or visible seams, the bottoms are also great, but a...
  10. Seat Covers?

    I picked up some Coverado seat covers, they make very nice high-quality covers for specific makes and models.
  11. Burples and pops GONE, Fixed.

    I've noticed if I start in individual mode with sport + on engine sometimes I don't get pops and bangs or verbals of any kind, so I switch to sport + and get them, then switch to individual and they are fine, not sure why or how but so far, 550 miles, has been my experience.
  12. drill free license plate holder

    To each his own, I would never put a zip tie on a new car.
  13. drill free license plate holder

    Not to justify it, but it is steel, has weight, feels very high quality. But yeah, I get it, 100$ sucks didn't pay for it, I got it as part of a program I write reviews for so... Also, isn't it worth$100 to NOT drill holes into your new ITS?
  14. drill free license plate holder

    I got this from an Amazon review program I am a part of, at first, I wasn't sure, but after installing it, I love it. Works on most cars, two clamps and a hanger system and you can add a front plate without drilling those annoying holes. Amazon.com: CravenSpeed Platypus License Plate Grille...
  15. I think I am doing Android auto wrong

    OK, I worked it out. I was overwhelmed the day I set it up and didjnt pay much attenrtion, plus I have never used it before soI wasnt familar with how it should look and work. It was just a button I wasn't seeing. I added waze, spotify and a few other apps and got everything working. I've only...
  16. I think I am doing Android auto wrong

    hmm, I havent had that yet, it seems to auto connect everytime I get in and the icon appears, but as I said when I click it, all I get is google maps.
  17. I think I am doing Android auto wrong

    So, I followed the instructions with my phone in the car, and set up Android auto. The problem is, when I click it on the car infotainment system, all I get is Google maps take over the screen, I haven't worked out how to get it to show other apps like spotify or whatever, I never plugged it in...
  18. Alternate floor mats

    How are the back seats? Mine are absolutely perfect, they were molded to fit, and only go one way, once in, they are like part of the car, I heard from others that the tuxmats were a little odd in the back, and didn't fit perfectly, did you find that? I was planning to get the Tuxmats, but in...
  19. Alternate floor mats

    I have a store, lol.
  20. Alternate floor mats

    I liked the type S logo but not the coverage. I think these do a better job protecting more area.