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  1. Who's using Spotify Successfully?

    Awesome 👍
  2. Which of these Two Wheels is Objectively Better? Stock Aluminum vs HF-5?

    I wouldn't count on the OEM as super durable. Several accounts on here where a pothole or debris on the road cause OEM wheel failure. Recently someone ran over a rock that was on the road and it blew a chunk of the casting out on two wheels. Also when reviewers test drove the vehicle at its...
  3. Which of these Two Wheels is Objectively Better? Stock Aluminum vs HF-5?

    The bronze wheels from the dealer are the same as factory just with a different color. If you can swing it I would go with a forged offering since they are lighter and stronger.
  4. Black badges: gloss black vs black chrome Type S badges?

    Description says side and Trunk but if there all the same size that's cheap. I'd say go for it. I just ordered a set for $160 and didn't check eBay prior.
  5. Auto Folding Mirrors installed

    That lower painted piece is a cover and it can be removed. I did switch the bases out which required depining the connector. I can't remember if that's needed because of the painted cover won't attach to the new base or if the new base is different and won't attach to the car.
  6. Black badges: gloss black vs black chrome Type S badges?

    Looks like it's for the MDX,TLX. I think it only comes with 3 and not one for the grill
  7. Where to get an alignment?

    Have you checked with your Acura dealer? If they can service and NSX I'm sure our ITS wouldnt be too much of an issue for them lowered.
  8. Spoon Rigid Collars / Recommended Shop (NE)

    Others have done it. I have a set to install but waiting on warmer weather.
  9. Who's using Spotify Successfully?

    It didn't show up with app install only. Same issue that I had.
  10. Who's using Spotify Successfully?

    I just click on the app that's shows on Android auto. Then I can split screen with Waze and Spotify on the other side. Also can select playlists and everything from the touchscreen.
  11. Who's using Spotify Successfully?

    Ah. I just use the Spotify app. Does the app appear or you have to use verbal commands?
  12. Who's using Spotify Successfully?

    Could be and Android issue being overly restrictive on what apps can be used on androidauto.
  13. Who's using Spotify Successfully?

    I am. You have to enable android auto developer mode. Then under developer enable unknown sources. It shows up. I'm also using a modded version of Spotify that disables ads.
  14. New Thermal R&D exhaust for DE5 coming soon

    I like the tips match OEM. Not sure about the exposed clamps
  15. Big brake upgrade

    It could be a one off. I seem to be rough on vehicles and in the past struggled to have brakes perform for more than a year until there was an issue. Now these brembos on the Type S are amazing. Super smooth and gobs of stopping power. Brake dust is an issue but worth the trade off.
  16. Do we have any torque settings / tips for a DIY spring swap ?

    Nice. Do you have any rubber inserts on your jack stands? I was wanting to minimize damage straddling the pinch points
  17. Big brake upgrade

    My Aspec rotors seemed to warp after 15k miles with only street driving. If I were to keep that car a BBK would make sense.
  18. What spoilers are you guys getting, if any?

    I know they were sold out an restocking march4th. I didn't know it was a new release. Their later one no longer bolt and only use tape. Not sure I'm a fan of tape only. I wonder how you align it?
  19. Android Auto

    Haven't seen an.uodate on my ITS. It wouldn't surprise me if they cut this functionality.