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  1. illuminated and black emblems

    Hey everyone. my dealer is way over stocked on black emblems and the illuminated front emblem now that they are off back order. If anyone is interested Id be happy to sell them to you! Hit me up! Front Black A $60 Rear Black A $60 Aspec Black all 3 $160 illuminated front A $260 Ill take...
  2. Side under spoiler

    I just had these put on the car! Ill get photos of mine once its clean lol but i love them. They give it a more square lowered look! For the price, get them! its one of the more popular accessories we sell at my dealership! 08F04-3S5-200 is the part number.
  3. Black rear emblem

    Finally had the black rear emblem installed. When the put it on I asked them to remove the black vinyl that’s behind the chrome emblem. I think it looks a ton better! Makes it look less like a black filled in circle lol. Ignore the dirty car 😂
  4. apexit 53 Integra MT, the DD "build"

    With a 2023 Type R on the way I picked up a 2023 White red Integra manual as my daily driver. So far its a little picket rocket lol. I might try and autocross it once or twice just for fun, but that main duty will belong to the type r. Here will live the Integra videos. I am a parts...
  5. Rsx type s and s2k knob

    Hey everyone, I decided to put a RSX type s accessory knob on my integra. also found a ssk knob that looks the same just has red for the lettering. here are the links rsx type s https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MPMWPJ0?ref=myi_title_dp s2k Amazon.com: Honda Genuine OEM Type-R Shift Knob with...