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  1. 2025 ITS 'ordering'

    I wonder if he said that just to convince you to buy a 2024? Regardless if he’s right, they better be adding back some features they decontented with such a big price hike. Although they did hike the FL5’s price by 1900$ for 2024 while making zero changes.
  2. H&R lowering springs with Bonoss Spacers on Type S

    Is that the brushed clear? That finish has been growing on me, plus it'll never show curb rash lol
  3. 2024 Calendar Year Release Schedule

    I've been watching the car delivery tracker and pretty much all the new cars are going to the Northeast and Florida at the moment. Hoping more will come to the west coast as well! I hope someone can shed light on how these shipments are being allocated region wise as well.
  4. Adding memory drivers seat

    I wouldn't be surprised if the reason it was omitted was part shortages. The car came out mid 2023, so part contracts and manufacturing were probably being set up well in advance and at that point they might still have had shortages. That's why I'm guessing that the 2025 might have some of these...
  5. Integra Type S locator finder map / crowd-sourced markups

    Why are so many cars going to the NYC area? There are more cars at a single dealership in NJ than all of Northern California lol.
  6. FL5 ADS Module Swap

    Wait, going back to this, are spring rates different on the rear springs? I haven't been able to find stock spring rates for both cars so that's why I ask.
  7. FL5 ADS Module Swap

    Yeah I know, I meant this as a response to the DSC controller that was linked which does continuous suspension damping changes
  8. FL5 Wing...

    This guy on instagram has a voltex type 12 wing on his DE5 and it looks similar to the FL5 wing:
  9. FL5 ADS Module Swap

    It's possible that continuously changing the damper settings on adjustable dampers that are designed to have discrete settings could cause the components to wear prematurely. The FL5/DE5 setup also might not respond quickly enough to benefit from continuous adjustments.
  10. FL5 ADS Module Swap

    I wonder if anyone will make an aftermarket version that keeps the Integra's comfort and sport modes with +R for the track.
  11. Compilation: 2024 Integra Type S Driving Reviews (Articles & Videos)

    Excited to see the lap time they set with the ITS and see how it compares to the FL5.
  12. Stock ground clearance?

    Hi all, has anyone measured the ground clearance on their stock Type S? The official specs say 4 inches but that seems incorrect to me, my lowered BRZ has about 4 inches at its lowest point... Also, the Civic Type R says 4.8 inches, but it doesn't make sense to me that the Type S would have...
  13. How much did you pay for your Integra Type S?

    Some of the dealers in the bay are telling me the most ridiculous things to try and get me to buy. One dealer had 2 Type S's back in October and he told me "these are the last Type S we are getting until the 2025 model year". Meanwhile I check back 3 weeks later and sure enough they have more...
  14. Nice looking car

    Acura has been building and shipping out big batches of cars where all of them are the same color, so that's probably why you saw a bunch of white ones
  15. ForeverCar’s ITS Journal

    Excited to hear how the car compared to the BRZ, because that’s the trade I’m planning to make.
  16. 2024 Estimated Production Schedule for each Color Scheme on Integra Type S

    So is that it, are there no more 2024 DE5s being made after December? That seems wild given that it's a 2024 model year car and it's not even 2024 yet
  17. LCM Photos Appreciation Thread

    Car looks great, any reason why you went with 275s instead of 285s on the 10.5 inch wide wheels?
  18. LCM Photos Appreciation Thread

    I hate this thread, I felt like my mind was made up on Apex Blue and then I see the pictures here and I don't know anymore...
  19. ITS Downforce Figures?

    Haha yeah I assume they took their existing Integra model and just modified the "Type S parts".