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  1. Sub installed

    I don't have a picture. But, behind the battery and down a bit. There's a grommet you can get through. And it comes out near the break pedal.
  2. Sub installed

    I was on the fence for awhile and then one day I smelled burning voice coil. I didn't blown anything but I was definitely trying too hard to get the bass out of it. I knew it was time for an upgrade! The only negative is some exterior rattles, mostly the 3rd brake light. I'm sure it could be...
  3. Sub installed

    Ya lots usable space there. I wasn't concerned with adding a spare tire so I made the space serve a good purpose. Just made a box to spec for the sub. Spray foamed the floor, carved it to get the perfect height. Then, dropped in the box. I used more foam on the outside of the box against the...
  4. Sub installed

    Pretty secure
  5. Sub installed

    Ya it automatically detects if it's speaker level or not. I'm just using a 10" jl w0v3. Single voice coil 4ohm. so only 300watts from the amp. Figured I'd start with that and if I want more I can buy a 2nd one and run 2ohm and get 500rms out of it. But I'm happy with the output. I don't want...
  6. Sub installed

    I don't even have a loc. I unplugged the factory sub and took that wire, extended it to the amp. I used a speaker wire to rca converter to go into the amp.
  7. Sub installed

    It's a great little amp. The ELS wasn't quite satisfying the bass I wanted. I pushed it too hard and quite sure I smelled burning voice coil. So rather then keep pushing the limits I figure I can let those speakers relax and let the aftermarket sub do the work. I definitely get all the low...
  8. Sub installed

    The car/battery voltage? Haven't tested it with a meter but I haven't noticed anything negative.
  9. Sub installed pt 2..with video

    Thanks!. I don't notice any difference. I always drive individual mode, I never really heard the engine sounds before. But it was loud and obnoxious with the new sub.
  10. Sub installed pt 2..with video

    Nice setup you had. I built a box so I could get the perfect height to fit under the floor...as well as meet the subs volume specs. I believe it was 14.5x14.5 and 9" deep outer dimensions. The spray foam was the buffer. I trimmed that until I got height perfect. Although my floor does appear...
  11. Sub installed pt 2..with video

    Yesterday I unplugged the active noise control (speaker engine sounds)..so no more non sense coming through my new sub. Just search how to disable it for the civic. There's a couple youtube videos showing how it's done. Only difference is we have a leather piece above the glove compartment that...
  12. Sub installed

    I didn't notice any difference. However, I haven't been on the highway yet. If there is a difference, it's probably so minimal you wouldn't notice.
  13. Sub installed

    It was the asc? I don't know why the fake engine sound was coming through after startup. Anyways, I unplugged it today and problem solved. The little box is behind the glove compartment. There's a couple youtube videos on disabling it on the Civic. So I took a chance and the grey box is in the...
  14. Sub installed

    My thoughts exactly. There's minimal people who've done this. I had so many questions and searched high and low on the civic forum. And other audio groups. So I figured I could post my results and possibly help anyone interested.
  15. Sub installed

    I ran a 4 guage wire from battery to amp. And a ground to the body in spare tire area
  16. Sub installed

    I forgot...the weird thing is I'm getting engine sound through my sub after I start driving but completely fades away after 10-20seconds. I'm always in individual mode. It's a minor inconvenience, I just wait before turning the music up. I will be looking to unplug that silly noise device.
  17. Sub installed

    Having more time with this...I can say I'm quite happy with it. I had a friend who's an audiophile have a listen....he put it louder than I've ever had it...into the 30's. The bass hit hard and clean. I'd say it didn't drop off at all. The amp I have has a bass boost remote dial which is...
  18. Sub installed

    Child seat strap....it is unfortunate for sure. And I haven't played with it enough to give a good answer. My gain isn't even set up yet. Plus...I dont want to push a new sub hard.
  19. Sub installed

    I Installed a mono amp and JL sub. So for wiring. I cut the wire going to the factory sub. I used a speaker wire to rca adapter (see pic). RCAs plugged into amp for signal. My amp accepts speaker level input so no need for a loc. Also no need for a remote wire. The amp gets the on/off signal...
  20. Roof rack options?

    I kind of got off the idea for now with winter here and all. There's a Facebook group where I'm pretty sure I saw a couple people with the rack installed.