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  1. APEX 5mm 5x120 floating spacer

    Helps poke out the rear wheel of the car more and makes it look right. Paired very well with my VS5-RS wheels. Literally a week old and 10 miles on them. $70 shipped (and I don't think these are stocked on APEX's store).

    Springs are up for sale. two months old and less than 1k miles on them. They're still clean and you can eat off them if you wanted to. Comes in the original box. $600.00 picked up or + shipping. Standby for pics. I will post many once they're off the car.
  3. APEX VS5-RS Wheels // 19x9.5+45 // Anthracite

    My wheels are up for sale. As the title says: APEX VS5-RS Wheels // 19x9.5+45 // Anthracite Local DC/MD/VA buyers are preferred and take priority, but willing to ship at buyers expense. These are probably 45 days old and have less than 1k miles on them. They're perfect and come in original...
  4. 2024 INTEGRA TYPE-S / 1k miles / Performance Red over Black

    After a short 2 months of ownership, unexpected life events along with the entire negative ownership experience that I have had thus far with the car has led me to the decision to sell the car that I had wanted so much. I'm posting this up here on Integra Forums to give the enthusiasts first...
  5. Integra Type-S Expansion tank failure.

    Had mine fail on me. Made a video about it that I'm sure some on here have already seen. The purpose of this post is to give peace of mind to the community. Honda just requested my old expansion tank back. They usually only do this if they see a trend in part failure. So with that being...
  6. Teaser

  7. Spoon Springs installed on Type S

    I finished up the install of the spoon springs on the DE5. Here are some pictures and a video I made:
  8. Type S suspension tear down video

    New video I made. Hope you all enjoy. Taking my 2024 ACURA INTEGRA TYPE-S apart! Suspension install Part 1.
  9. Integra Type-S VLOG: GOT ONE

    Vlog from the day that I picked up my integra type-S. A new owners perspective, overview, thoughts, review and a Sunday morning Jaunt. Long video... but hope people enjoy it.
  10. Got 1!!! Performance Red Pearl Type S

    So jazzed. I thought I wouldn’t be able to acquire one after losing out on that mess of an air Jordan raffle. Spoke with my district sales manager about how upset I was about the whole thing and he told me he would do what he could to get me one delivered to my dealership. I had my pick...