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Search results

  1. Winter Storage

    (Unfortunately) I've decided to park my ITS for the winter. As much as I would love to take it for a rip in the snow (with the tail happy handling and LSD, I'm sure it would be a blast), the crap they put on the roads up here just destroys cars (and they use a lot of it). I've never stored a...
  2. Downpipe and Turbo heat shield part #s

    Has anyone been able to find the part #s for the turbo and downpipe heat shields? I was trying to find these on Dreamshop, and maybe I'm just blind, but I can't find them :/
  3. Disable Fake Engine Noise

    I've been watching how-tos on disabling the fake engine sound in the FL5 / Si, but there's nothing out there on the Integra. I wouldn't expect much experience re: this mod at this point on the DE5's lifecycle, but I'm curious if anyone can comment on disabling this in the standard Integra (or...
  4. Spoon Rigid Collars / Recommended Shop (NE)

    I'll be looking to install Spoon Rigid Collars once they release a set for the DE5 (or we get confirmation of fitment for the FL5 set). Unfortunately, I don't have access to a lift, so I'll need to have a shop install these rather than do it myself. Anyone have a recommendation for a good shop...