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Search results

  1. What alignment settings are adjustable on ITS?

    I haven't received my car yet and haven't owned a Honda or Acura so I was wondering whether both front and rear camber nd toe are adjustable. Does anyone have any settings specs or recommendations? Almost every new car I've purchased was "out of spec" as delivered by the factory, requiring an...
  2. Tips and tricks for Type S

  3. Paint, fit and finish.....an issue?

    NOTE: ACCIDENTALLY PICKED WRONG LINK. WILL DROP ORIG AS SOON AS I LOCATE IT...SORRY. New link: I have personally seen and have heard others complain about the paint and finish on the Marysville production. In particular the poor paint matches between plastic parts (bumpers, mirror caps, etc)...
  4. Optional rims - any info?

    Not familiar with how Acura deals with the optional dealer installed rims. First of all, are they simply a different color std rim? Are they forged rims? When ordered from dealers do they give a credit for the oem wheels? Do they swap the tires and sensors??????