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  1. Integra Type S Earns 2024 Car and Driver 10Best Cars Award

    PMC is Performance Manufacturing Center. It is a special edition of the type S but currently only available for TLX Type S. Here is the website: https://www.acura.com/pmc-edition
  2. Official TIGER EYE PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    Thank you for sharing. What size is your tire?
  3. Lifting the car for servicing

    Amazon sells them. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07S7L2WTL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Integra Type S Earns 2024 Car and Driver 10Best Cars Award

    I live near Atlanta GA and had seen one or two other Type S but the white dealer models. But today I saw a TEP passed by and I loved how it looked!
  5. buying from a dealer, leaving a deposit

    I believe it is illegal for the dealership not to refund your deposit if you decide not to go through with the car for any reason. This has been discussed many times in this forum and other Facebook related groups. Hope this helps.
  6. Type S with RV6 R660 466WHP

    I am on the same boat with you. Planning on installing the PRL intercooler soon. Debating on DP and FP. I really love the stock exhaust sound now and wonder if the DP and FP mods will be worth it. I don’t need more sound but will endure it iff they result in better performance.
  7. Rear Camera Issue

    Yes and I am using this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1493090084/acura-integra-de4-2023-2024-rainaway?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=2024+acura+integra&ref=sr_gallery-1-3&edd=1&organic_search_click=1 It is working so far. Hope this will help.
  8. Would you buy it again?

    Last 3 digits of my VIN is 479.
  9. Would you buy it again?

    I had 7 browsers opened in one computer, my iPad and my iPhone. I continually refreshed when they crashed. I was able to get to the payment window and then crashed again. The second time I was able to get to the payment again and went through. The whole thing took me more than 30 minutes. And I...
  10. What Mileage are you at?

    I just hit 2500 miles yesterday. Enjoying every miles……
  11. Black After Market Intercooler

    Thank you for posting the picture.. Your car looks really awesome. I ended up ordering a black one too yesterday and plan to make a Type S stencil to spray on. If creating a Type S stencil is too difficult, then I will use the PRL stencil instead. The intercooler of course is in backorder but I...
  12. Black After Market Intercooler

    Thanks. And you are right that none on ITS. But I also could not find any pics of FL5 or FK8 with a black intercooler. Also, I wonder if someone can make a Type S stencil or just the S that we can spray paint on the intercooler front. I think that would be cooler than having the intercooler brand.
  13. Black After Market Intercooler

    Has anyone installed an after market intercooler in black? Especially if you have a black Integra? I have a majestic black ITS and am buying the PRL intercooler but want to see how the black on black look. All I see online are the chrome intercooler pics. Please post some pics if you use a black...
  14. Introductions (post if you are new or been around awhile).

    I was born in South East Asia so if you know the tax rate for cars there, you really could not afford exotic cars unless you are a billionaires.... But my Dad and I were big fans of Honda cars. When I was a kid I remembered our family owning several Honda Accords and Civics. I moved to...
  15. Hondata releases Flashpro for Integra Type S tuning

    Flashed my ITS with Hondata today and was surprised how much more fun the car is. One question to the experts here. When I take the car for scheduled maintenance, should I flash it back to factory? I don’t want them to void my warranty or is that a mute point once the ECU is jailbroken?
  16. Anyone waiting for the AWE Tuning exhaust for their Type S?

    I can see some manufacturers with after market parts that can fit both FL5 and DE5 to just bring a new packaging for our DE5 using the exact same products. Springs like Eibach is a good example. Some other things like intake, DP can also be repackaged. Anything that will require R&D those...
  17. Introductions (post if you are new or been around awhile).

    Agree about the car getting lots of love. I was parked at a local supermarket and someone rolled down his window and yelled “Nice car man”. Another time I ate lunch at a local restaurant and the waiter went table to table and asked who the ITS belonged to. He got to my table and he gave lots of...
  18. Would you buy it again?

    The answer is a definite YES. I was very skeptical but excited when I got through the pre-ordering event and was able to reserve one of the first 250 vehicles. After a couple of months of waiting, which it seemed like forever with a lot of pissed off moments seeing others got their deliveries...
  19. New Honda Prelude concept

    The most recent information on the Prelude that it will be a hybrid and not a full EV. And since there has been no additional information on the specs, we can always dream that Honda will have a manual version for this car.
  20. New Honda Prelude concept

    I don’t think Honda ever introduced the Prelude Type R, but with the success of CTR, maybe they will use the same playbook. Imagine the Prelude Type R with manual transmission only and a nice wing!