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  1. Hood fitment issues, panel gaps, wheel defect, paint chip, clear coat issue

    On my car the worst one for me is the gap for the rear bumper and taillights. Passenger side 3/4” driver side 1/4” Can’t unsee it every time I open the rear hatch. Also the side skirts have a lot of flex. Maybe thats a feature and not a flaw? I know it’s an Acura not a Lexus but
  2. Metal Shavings in hatchback latch area

    Yes I still find shavings too. I have the carbon spoiler. Why didn’t Acura design an optional part to fit using the existing holes?
  3. The Drive’s Best Performance Car

    https://www.thedrive.com/car-reviews/the-drive-awards-2023-best-performance-car-chevy-corvette-e-ray Runner-Up: Acura Integra Type S, The Sport Compact Chris Rosales "The Integra’s engine is amazing, but the six-speed manual transmission it's paired with is really what makes the vehicle...
  4. Winter Storage

    I just use a battery tender and not a trickle charger.
  5. Winter Storage

    covercraft yes to the desiccant plus a healthy coating of WD40.
  6. Winter Storage

    As a person of French Canadian descent I’m not sure why shipping is so high to our neighbors in the north. The car bag is nothing more than a tarp with a zipper on 3 sides. Simple but effective bordering on genius.
  7. Winter Storage

    https://www.carbag.com/shop/carjacket/m2/ … helps keep out mice. I have been using one to store the 911 for years with good results.
  8. Recommend some good all weather floor mats

    +1 on the Tuxmats
  9. ‘24 ITS a long story…w/pics

    Tuxmats big thumbs up! Carbon fiber console cover the fit is ok, difficult to center, slight overhang on edges, but stI’ll better than piano black.
  10. ‘24 ITS a long story…w/pics

    80+ degrees figure good time to switch to winter wheels and tires. Stock Enkei Honda gun metal wheels. CONTINENTAL EXTREMECONTACT DWS 06 PLUS tires Thoughts the stock Michelin Pilot summer tires (2400 miles so far) are way more sticky. Maybe too sticky, as they were great at picking up the...
  11. ITS road noise vs. ‘23 integra

    Me (in my old 2015 Subaru STi) : ”Hello?” Wife : “What’s all that back ground noise? Are you driving now?” Me : “Yea, what did you want?” Wife : “Never mind I’ll talk to you when you get home.” Click Ahhh sweet peace, bwaaaa!
  12. Integra Type-S Center Console Replacement DIY Tutorial (3mins video)

    ***** 5 stars Thanks great post!
  13. ‘24 ITS a long story…w/pics

    Reply actually we have had two. The wife’s soccer mobile a 2002 MDX white with tan interior. Those were the years when Acura/Honda were having transmission troubles. Ours starated clunking and was replaced around 40k miles, the new transmission started acting up again at 80k. When bringing...
  14. Long(er) term impressions

    https://www.integraforums.com/forum/threads/%E2%80%9824-its-a-long-story%E2%80%A6w-pics.51471/ ^ my review
  15. ‘24 ITS a long story…w/pics

    Carbon fiber wrap in on birthday wish list.
  16. ‘24 ITS a long story…w/pics

    Type S Stock summer Michelin tires perform very well in the rain. I have driven through a couple of downpours that have drenched New England this summer and they did well. There were several accidents on one trip and we cruised right on through. I did get the stock gray wheels from the dealer...
  17. ‘24 ITS a long story…w/pics

    So we traded my wife’s Mazda CX-9 Signature for the Type S and she’s now driving the Bronco. She used to race the old square body Broncos with her family when she was young. We have been on the hunt for an old one to restore but the prices are still way high for rust buckets with no floors or motor.
  18. ‘24 ITS a long story…w/pics

    While I was waiting for the dealer to prep and register the Type S they gave me a A spec loaner (CVT boo). I didn’t hate it. It was a good little car. When these hit the used car market they wI’ll make a great first car for a new driver with a manual transmission of course. The little 1.5 was...
  19. ‘24 ITS a long story…w/pics

    How we got here… I had sold my 2015 Subaru STi to a friend (who blew the motor 4 months later)and ordered a new Bronco Wildtrak. So after driving the Bronco for a while I came to realize I missed rowing through the gears. I know the Bronco can be had with a manual but it doesn’t handle like a...
  20. what are your annoyances with your Integra Type S?

    Fuel tank is tiny small. Low fuel light came on as I was turning into the gas station. Only took a little over ten gallons to top off. The most useful dashboard display maybe the miles to empty one. According to the trip computer I’m averaging about 26 mpg.