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  1. Type S Winter Wheels / Fitment Specs

    Honestly after 800 miles I've gotten used to it. They are definitely softer and less responsive than OEM, but the car is still incredibly fun to drive!
  2. Chrome VS Blacked out Emblems (side by side)

    That rear badge looks different from the one I got as well as pics from the Acura website.....
  3. Type S Winter Wheels / Fitment Specs

    18x8 Enkei Raijin (+42 offset) with 235/40/18 Vredestein Wintrac Pros. Looks great, but drives....exactly as you might expect a winter tire compared to the Pilots. Hopefully we don't get much snow this year, but if we do I'll be ready!
  4. My Acura Integra life -- from my 91 to 2024 ITS

    That Electron blue was just beautiful, wish they would bring that one back!
  5. Type S Winter Wheels / Fitment Specs

    I'm really interested to see this setup. I'm also planning on 18x8, +45 with a 235/40/18.
  6. RSX Type-S -> Integra Type-S Upgrade!

    Oh man, that takes me WAY back. Before my RSX I actually owned a '91 4-door manual Integra LS - very similar interior. Love those pics!
  7. RSX Type-S -> Integra Type-S Upgrade!

    Same for me. My RSX had all black and it looks great, but it's HOT. The orchid is a little cooler, and still has some nice black accents. I'm very pleased with it.
  8. RSX Type-S -> Integra Type-S Upgrade!

    Congrats! Black interior or orchid? You are going to love it!!!
  9. RSX Type-S -> Integra Type-S Upgrade!

    Yeah, the only reason it's still in the garage right now is because it was too hard to let go over the years. The ITS is just such a nice upgrade though that it's much easier. Plus I know it's going to bring someone else joy for years to come....it only has 90,000 miles on it!
  10. RSX Type-S -> Integra Type-S Upgrade!

    Dealer offered $7500, but I held on to it. Seems like once a month someone would ask me if it was for sale and I just today agreed to let it go for $9500 to someone who will really appreciate it.
  11. RSX Type-S -> Integra Type-S Upgrade!

    The RSX was the first new car I ever bought, and 19 years later I finally upgraded. Couldn't be happier! Anyone else make this jump?