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  1. What did you do to your Integra Type S today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    First wash and put my titans on from my FK8. Not bad. Needs a drop. Will probably do springs after winter.
  2. Apex Blue Appreciation Thread

    Was a long day, didn't get any great pics, but I joined the apex blue crew today!
  3. 2025 Urban gray pearl ITS

    I prefer urban more than sonic and think it is highly likely that it'll get added whenever they do the MMC on the DE5 probably in the 25 or 26 model years. Honda has a history of this. The FK8 dropped agean blue and modern steel and picked up boost blue and sonic gray. Now we see it with the...
  4. Please delete

    Please delete. Will be keeping wheels.
  5. H&R lowering springs with Bonoss Spacers on Type S

    @vtecvlow which FB group is the video posted? Couldn't find it. Car looks great! I had H&R on my FK8....loved them! Will probably go this route or eibach on the DE5.
  6. 2024 Estimated Production Schedule for each Color Scheme on Integra Type S

    Got a text yesterday from Baierl in PA for an Apex Blue/Orchid and they appear to be in the inventory search this morning. I passed as I dont think our 1 and 3 years olds would play nicely with white leather, lol. This looks like the last of the September builds according to the chart. Seems...
  7. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    Congrats on the car! Did you have to put a deposit down to hold your spot? Also, what do you think of the black? I'm torn on it. Think it looks mean but also like how the other colors contrast with the black accents.
  8. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    Adding some Cleveland Ohio dealers: Motorcars Acura: $5k ADM posted, salesman said they were firm at $3k Crown Acura: Last update was $2.5k ADM but that was at the end of August
  9. Teaser

    In my opinion, all this car needs is a drop and a better fitting set of wheels and tires. Going to look mean man. Looking forward to the pictures and videos!
  10. Spoon Springs installed on Type S

    Great videos! Excited to follow along with the build. Question on the one time use parts. Is it because of a coating on them like you mentioned or because they are aluminum torque to yield bolts that stretch when torqued? Curious as I lowered my FK8 in 2020 and put about 13,600 miles on...
  11. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    What dealer is this in NJ? I just requested to join the group and can't see the whole post. I called a bunch of dealers in NJ last week with silver cars and they were either all sold or +5k. I would be flying in from Cleveland OH so I didn't try too hard on the ones initially saying +5k.
  12. Drivetrain vibration / metal rattle sound

    It's the wastegate actuator. It's normal on all turbo cars. When under load, there it tension on the arm and no noise. When off the throttle, there is no tension on the arm and it vibrates and makes the noise you are talking about. If you pop the hood, you can wiggle the arm. That's what you are...
  13. Dealer has my deposit

    I'm in Cleveland and would be interested in taking your spot but I'd need Crown to agree to what I'm looking for but it doesn't sound like they would be willing to agree to it. I'd be looking for their next silver, blue, red or tiger eye (all with the black interior) at MSRP. Refundable deposit...