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  1. Integra Type S locator finder map / crowd-sourced markups

    This is fantastic, wish I had it when I was looking ! Seems like quite a bit more inventory now, including Red Pearl, tho many of these may already be sold.
  2. Type S Winter Wheels / Fitment Specs

    OEM Wheel offset +60. Try this site: https://tiresize.com/wheel-offset-calculator/ Best I have used, but there are others too. I think an optimal winter option if you want to maintain stance (actually slightly more aggressive even) is probably 18x9.5 ET +45 with 265/35 tires.
  3. Too Old For ITS?

    I have more grown up cars, Mercedes AMG, Tesla S, Audi, BMW. The ITS is a toy I grab before any of the others. I captures how I felt in 1986 when I got my first car, 1986 Corolla GTS. Its not too late, you only live once.
  4. Would you buy it again?

    Would buy again 100%. The ITS is the sixth car that me and the wife current have, and it filled my goal of having a modern car that I consider the successor to my very first car, 1986 Corolla GTS (yeah, I passed on the 1986 Integra back then). I plan on keeping this car forever next to my...
  5. Type S Winter Wheels / Fitment Specs

    That's the same tire/wheel I ordered from Tirerack.com, but changed my mind. I do have Conti DWS06 on my Tesla S and they have done well in the snow over many winters. Wanting more of a winter oriented setup, however, had Cross Climate 2 in size 255/35-18 on 18x9.5 +45 offset Enkei T6R Wheels...
  6. Center Console Wrapped in Matte Black Vinyl

    Looks great ! Matte really classes up the interior.
  7. Black roof wrap on Red Pearl Integra Type S

    Red Pearl is amazing, great selection on where you wrapped.