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  1. Integra Type S locator finder map / crowd-sourced markups

    My understanding is they are splitting production w. FL5, as the engine is the same. Although, I imagine if demand were to crater, they would adapt.
  2. Very interested to hear from new ITS owners that came from a smaller car!

    Coming from a much smaller car, and as someone who loves small cars and loathes big cars... The ITS drives small. It doesn't feel big when you are cruising, and it certainly doesn't when you are pushing it. Having said that, it is a big car. It feels big when navigating parking lots, etc., and...
  3. Winter Storage

    Excellent, thanks! Officially a stupid question, lol.
  4. Winter Storage

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but: Let's say I prep the car for storage... disconnect the battery, latch the hood, etc. when I come back in the spring, how do I unlock the car? It must need the battery connected to unlock, right (since we only get a fob)? But, I can't connect the battery...
  5. Winter Storage

    Do you use another (partial) car cover under it to guard against rubbing paint or no? You use the provided desiccant, too?
  6. Acura Integra Type S – Making Others Irrelevant - Test Drive | Everyday Driver

    Preach. 99% of the difference in feeling comes down to a sub-$300 ADS module that can be swapped with ease. Neither car is a race car; both cars are excellent dailies.
  7. Hondata releases Flashpro for Integra Type S tuning

    Yeah, not sure why one would buy this car if they were mainly interested in 0-X times, haha. FWD is not the answer from a stop (might be able to get something decent if you gut it, I suppose).
  8. What did you do to your Integra Type S today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Dudeee! Looks fantastic, damn! Congrats!
  9. Winter Storage

    I thought about it. But, all my other cars have shown clear signs of winter driving within 2-3 years. It's not like the body is rusting out, but rust and corrosion are visible throughout the engine bay, on the subframe, bolts, linkages, etc. Tye first question I ask when buying a used car in NE...
  10. Winter Storage

    I don't trust the underbody wash to get to everything, haha. Worried stuff will get up inside panels, etc. and sit. I really wish they weren't so aggressive with salt, chemicals, etc.
  11. Winter Storage

    (Unfortunately) I've decided to park my ITS for the winter. As much as I would love to take it for a rip in the snow (with the tail happy handling and LSD, I'm sure it would be a blast), the crap they put on the roads up here just destroys cars (and they use a lot of it). I've never stored a...
  12. Interior Mats Question/Fitment

    Yes, the interior fitment is the same.
  13. Apex Blue Appreciation Thread

    I also ditched the side emblems. It looks much cleaner without them, imo.
  14. Does Honda actually test these cars on "real" roads? (screeching noise from front wheel)

    Yep! Put it in reverse, give the throttle a jab, and then stop suddenly. Always works for me.
  15. CVT 23’ Integra | Thoughts on upgrades

    Manual also gets you an LSD, which is a significant performance benefit, and it's far more reliable.
  16. Would you buy it again?

    Add it to BaT / C&B and forget about it until it jumps in front of you, lol
  17. Would you buy it again?

    It is -- similar, but with a slightly shorter throw / tighter gate spacing and more feedback. I suppose it's not really a fair comparison, though (re: cable vs direct).
  18. Would you buy it again?

    OEM in a currently produced car... I can't. MX-5 is very good, too, though (fragility aside). When I say overrated, I'm not trying to say it isn't first-rate, just that it gets too much hype / praise. Most reviews just drool over it, and I think they go over the top.
  19. Would you buy it again?

    I'm not 100% sure, but leaning towards probably... I checked out a lot of cars before getting this one. There are certain things about the ITS that I don't love: 1. it feels big to me... not when driving with purpose -- it handles small -- but when navigating parking lots, etc., and the...