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  1. How long will the integra Stick Around?

    It’s selling a lot still is the point. Model 3 is selling great too
  2. How long will the integra Stick Around?

    You must be a huge fan of Sout Park to be making that reference so long after that episode aired. I member…
  3. Engineering Explained ITS review: "among the best driver's cars sold today" [compared favorably to M2 and Type-R]

    I love his video and his takes on this. It just makes me chuckle to hear people referring to the regular A-Spec as "boring". I'm sure compared to an M2 or a Type-S, it is boring, but to the average person, I think an A-Spec or Civic Si are pretty exciting and fun cars. Just my 2c as an A-Spec Owner
  4. How long will the integra Stick Around?

    The Integra is definitely similar to the civic in what it is and I’m not denying that, I’m simply pointing out that they’re not the same car. They share a lot in common but so does the HR-V and CR-V, all four of these models share just one platform.
  5. How long will the integra Stick Around?

    there is already a civic hybrid overseas. It’s just the same car as the current civic but a hybrid. In some countries that’s all they’re selling. In the US, we don’t get a civic hybrid right now. I don’t think we will get an Integra hybrid either. The Integra, while sharing a platform with the...
  6. How long will the integra Stick Around?

    Because the Integra is really efficient, it likely already meets and exceeds current mandates. It will be the last to be electrified, likely after 2030. My next car might be an electric TLX!
  7. Would love to see some mods

    I had a 22 civic si prior to the Integra A-Spec and the boost gauge was present there. It would peak at 18psi in third. It was very consistent but I would love to have a gauge for tuning purposes
  8. Clock Wallpaper Compatible Image Sizes

    My car is refusing to see any image files, even though they're in the root directory. Doesn't matter the size of the file, .bmp or .jpg, nothing is recognized. Audio system can read FLAC and MP3 just fine, though. What gives? Do I need to make a special folder for it or something?
  9. USB thumb drive for music on 2023 Integra A-Spec tech

    I have a 128GB USB drive formatted as FAT32, and I play FLAC files with it.
  10. Would love to see some mods

    I imagine the nav would just be an Android APK, so the hard part would be rooting the head unit. Considering as this head unit is used in many other Honda models, I think it's only a matter of time before we get access to it and can pull things out like the navi package. As for the boost...
  11. Would love to see some mods

    Access to the gauges from the Type-S, specifically the boost gauge (why is this missing in the first place?) Navigation app from the Civic Sport Touring Use the base model voice assistant and remove Alexa entirely This would, in my opinion, greatly improve the infotainment and driving experience.