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  1. Extended 100k mile warranty

    Extended warranty? Personal experience I have had an extended warranty on an Audi S4, Porsche 911 Turbo, and a Ford Focus RS over the past 7 yrs. How many times have I needed one.....zero! It's true the industry is building better cars and the role of an extended warranty has bought me piece...
  2. 2024 Estimated Production Schedule for each Color Scheme on Integra Type S

    I live in TN which is one of a few states that ship ditect to dealers via trucks, which can reduce delivery times 2 to 3 weeks vs those that are rail/truck to dealers.
  3. 2024 Estimated Production Schedule for each Color Scheme on Integra Type S

    Dealer called last week and confirmed my ABP/black is scheduled for production in the last week of Oct, expected delivery second week of Nov.
  4. Carbon peeling on spoiler question

    the dealer installed options are backed by the full factory warranty regardless of first or second owner...4 yrs. Just take it to an Acura dealer. Yes they can be repaired if it is just clear coat damage, and almost any body shops can do it
  5. Carbon peeling on spoiler question

    If the spoiler was a dealer installed option (many dealers sold these as options), then it would be covered under the factory warranty......assuming it is not caused by damage.
  6. What alignment settings are adjustable on ITS?

    I haven't received my car yet and haven't owned a Honda or Acura so I was wondering whether both front and rear camber nd toe are adjustable. Does anyone have any settings specs or recommendations? Almost every new car I've purchased was "out of spec" as delivered by the factory, requiring an...
  7. Going to battle with dealer installed PPF

    The problem all began with a "cheap" dealer purchased ppf. It appears that the original installer did not use a "pre-cut" pattern or had problems applying it. Because the dealer didn't buy a premium wrap (wrapped edges) it seems that cutting was done on the paint surfaces.....a very bad...
  8. Old R&T article about Type R front suspension set up and effects of aftermarket wheel and tires

    My experience is that lowering almost any car changes the scrub radius and kingpin centerline relative to the center of the tire when comparing before and after in the static position. This Honda suspension design makes virtually any change to tires, wheels, wheel spacers and ride height a...
  9. Paint Defect

    Do not repaint entire door! Take your car to a very good paint correction/ppf/ detail shop. Your paint defect is a combination of a mechanical defect ( missing and raised paint) that actually looks more like a bubble that burst during the painting process...but no way to confirm. The dealer...
  10. Wheel chip (Type s)

    There has been an increasing and reoccurring trend over the past 10 yrs that oem wheels chip more easily. There are several causes, but the most common issue is the re-formulation of paint and painting processes to meet environmental requirements. It means softer paint and shorter curing...
  11. Type-S Paint Bubbling

    Japanese brands, especially the models produced in the USA, have habitually had difficulties matching metallic paint on plastic parts vs metal body panels. The lighter (less color density- white, silver, gray, and light green or light blue) colors and very high metallic content (silver and...
  12. Type-S Paint Bubbling

    As stated by others, if looks like a contamination (oily?) during paint processing. Whether it is primer to metal or paint to primer the outcome is a paint surface that over time will fail. It looks like bubbles, so the paint color is most likely absent if you tried to polish it out, and it...
  13. ‘24 ITS a long story…w/pics

    Why not have a stealth ppf wrap on the console?
  14. 2024 Estimated Production Schedule for each Color Scheme on Integra Type S

    The two dealers by me were given 4 ITS allocation back in April. These were open to the dealer supplying a request for 4 color com inaction and guaranteed for delivery by year end 2024. The dealers took deposits for these allocations....but they were the dealer choosen colors. In addition, the...
  15. 2024 Estimated Production Schedule for each Color Scheme on Integra Type S

    I've been told by my local dealer, who is a smaller dealer, that the large dealerships will always receive a priority when delivering non-owner owned cars...ie allocations. They have only received one of their allocations ..a LCM/Black, but did get 2 pre-ordered cars. Another smaller dealer 100...
  16. LCM Photos Appreciation Thread

    Already sold to next customer on the list.
  17. Copper Rim Touch Up Paint

    Have you tried one of the Acura online parts dealers?
  18. 2024 Estimated Production Schedule for each Color Scheme on Integra Type S

    Has anyone received a delivery date or notification on Apex blue/ black......production was listed as Aug/Sept.