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  1. Type S Winter Wheels / Fitment Specs

    Looks good! My setup will be similar. I’m getting the P Zero 265/35/19 this Friday. Stock black rim for winter and bronze for summer. 😎
  2. Engineering Explained ITS review: "among the best driver's cars sold today" [compared favorably to M2 and Type-R]

    Classy as hell, man. I have the same ITS with all the options. You're living the dream with these cars! I'm jealous.
  3. What would you guys pay for this Type S ?

    Thought I'd chime in here. I got into a fully loaded white ITS with the bronze rims etc today. Brand new for $60k (Traded in 2019 Civic Type R for $33k) They gave me the stock rims for free as well with the purchase, so ask for that if you go for it. Great to have a second set for winter time.