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Search results

  1. Tire sale

    For sale, stock 2024 type S tires for sale brand new. I'm in NYC area. Make an offer.
  2. Finally spacers are on

    Installed 285 30 19 A/S tires on stock 19x9.5 wheels. Stock tires for sale with less than 500 miles on them. Installed mud flaps (everyone should get them), makes the car a bit more aggressive and helps protect. spacers 15mm 20mm. Also Installed rear cargo area protection and of course good old...
  3. Spacers incoming

    Spacers coming in tomorrow, I already changed my tires to a/s 285 30 19... I'll y'all posted
  4. Rear Tail

    Have they made a tail that falls in the stock holes???? I don't want to drill or apply tape..
  5. Tires for sale

    2024 type S tires for sale, less than 310 miles on the clock.