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  1. ForeverCar’s ITS Journal

    What a great thread, thanks for sharing!
  2. Canada ordering

    That sounds like a pretty fair deal, congrats! How do you like it so far?
  3. Grateful to Become an Owner

    Wow, looks great! Congrats!
  4. Pulled the trigger - Initial Review

    Great review, thanks for sharing!
  5. Does Honda actually test these cars on "real" roads? (screeching noise from front wheel)

    Happens all the time to BMW's as well...I remember the first time it happened to me several years ago, it sounded like the car was about to die. But as others have mentioned, it is just small rocks getting stuck and either slight bending of the shields or going into reverse and forward cured it...
  6. Would you buy it again?

    The ultimate test of loyalty...if you had to do it all over again, would you still buy an ITS? And if yes, exact same spec you picked up?
  7. How much did you pay for your Integra Type S?

    Interestingly, there are a few examples of cars in Canada that are bargains compared to the US. I was looking at ordering a brand new cayman GTS 4.0 a few months ago (I missed out, not taking orders anymore) and it was a huge price advantage vs the US. IIRC, MSRP was under $100k CDN.
  8. Integra Type-S Center Console Replacement DIY Tutorial (3mins video)

    So great, thanks for sharing...looks sooo much better!
  9. ITS owners -- what is your biggest surprise with the car so far?

    I agree with your F80 point…no bad angles, super aggressive yet classy at the same time.
  10. Canada ordering

    looks great, congrats!!
  11. ITS owners -- what is your biggest surprise with the car so far?

    I'm curious, is it from people who know all about the ITS and are excited to see one in the wild, or just because it is a very nice looking car?
  12. ITS owners -- what is your biggest surprise with the car so far?

    Very curious to hear answers to this question. Could be something positive or negative...
  13. neuronbob's non-professional comments on ITS after ten days of ownership

    Amazing stable, congratulations...out of curiosity, how would you rate/rank the manual transmissions across the 3 cars? I am assuming the S2K has the best one?
  14. Too Old For ITS?

    Thanks all for your comments...I know forum members can't make the decision for me, but it is great to see a wide range of ages enjoying this amazing car. Looking forward to learning as much as I can until I get the car next year :).
  15. Too Old For ITS?

    Very well said sir, thanks!
  16. Too Old For ITS?

    Thanks! PS I had the exact same car as in your signature, M2C in Hockenheim silver...loved that thing!
  17. Too Old For ITS?

    Soooo...we currently live in Ireland and will be returning home to Canada next year. I have a deposit in at a local Canadian dealer to get one back half of next year. I will be turning 55 end of next year. How old is too old for this car? I am a huge car enthusiast and have owned many amazing...
  18. Ceramic Coating for Wheels

    I applied ceramic coating to a previous P-car I used to own (first time doing it). I did a wheels off clean, decon, etc, and a couple of layers of a good wheel coating. I found it made a huge difference in the first several weeks, and after that I would still need to agitate the wheels to get...