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  1. Type S with RV6 R660 466WHP

    I guess my "why" would be lack of traction being FWD. Granted I only have a tuned Civic Sport Hatch, but I get very little traction in 1st and 2nd. I couldn't imagine having that much more power. You'd probably be able to break loose in 4th gear! 😲 Could you elaborate on that issue, OP...
  2. Using Paddle Shifters

    I have 2 Civic Sport hatches. 1 6MT and 1 CVT. I usually keep my manual revs quite high, usually shifting around 4k or 5k while warm. So, naturally driving in D in my CVT doesn't cut it. I use the paddles almost exclusively in S mode. It's the only way to control the RPM's and keep them up...
  3. Official Integra Type S waiting room

    Good luck! Post pics asap, please! :)
  4. 2025 Integra Type S?

    You could order with a buddy who wants a black interior, but orders a red interior and does a full swap with you. :cool:
  5. H&R lowering springs with Bonoss Spacers on Type S

    They feel OEM to me but obviously with the shorter travel, I do hit the bump stops more than I did on OEM. Which is still not very often.
  6. H&R lowering springs with Bonoss Spacers on Type S

    That's awesome! Coincidentally, that's my exact set-up. H&R's with 20mm spacers & OEM wheels. Granted, I'm just sporting a 10th gen, but it's the perfect stance for apparently both vehicles. Cheers!!!
  7. Used Type S for sale already

    ⬆ I read that's what Canadian dealerships were doing with the CTR since they were not allowed to sell new models above MSRP.
  8. Zygrene (YouTuber) bought a Type S

    Good stuff, I like that guy. He produces solid content. Good for him for getting it @ MSRP +1k. Personally I'm not paying over 50k for a car! That's ridiculous. I just can't do it.... yet.
  9. Integra Type S Purchase Price with Accessories

    Congrats!! But.... :postpics:
  10. Integra Type S Purchase Price with Accessories

    Congrats!! Great purchase! I've been mulling over a similar debate, though not relavent to this thread. (After trading in my Civic, it would bring an Elantra N down to 18-20k OTD...... do I really believe an EN is 20k better than my civic? So far, the answer is no way, so I wait...) But in...
  11. The First "Used" Integra Type-S: $62,500

    Isn't that absolutely infuriating? Needs 20mm spacers. 🙃
  12. Early Integra Type S Test Drives.

    My favorite, and probably the most appropriate question posed is.... " Can you tell me with a straight face you’d drop $60k on one of these? "
  13. I made a deal!

    Ugly is a bit harsh. It'd be a sweet looking ride if it weren't for that silly clown wing tacked on the rear, which btw looks good from exactly zero angles. /photoshop
  14. I made a deal!

    In response to paying 60k OTD, aren't we thinking these probably won't depreciate much? So even if you spend 60k, there's probably a good chance you can drive it for 2-3 years and get most of your money back. Yes?
  15. 2024 Acura Integra Type S Pricing & MPG Fuel Economy Released! Pre-Order Begins May 11

    52k seals the deal! That deal being an Elantra N replacing my civic next year. I really wanted the ITS tho. 😞
  16. First mods on your Integra Type S will be?

    20-25mm spacers and a resonator delete. That should tide me over for a long time.
  17. CVT Mode & Highway Fuel Economy: D vs S

    That's interesting. In our CVT Civic Hatch Sport, while on the highway the D rpm and the 7th gear (S) rpms are identical. Only regular "S" has a higher rpm and worse MPG's. Now I'm curious why there is a different between your simulated gear ratios and mine.
  18. LKAS

    I'm 99% that is not a configurable option. I know u didn't ask, but I would never want it on by default.
  19. crickets - some of my thoughts on the upcoming Integra Type S

    My coworker is at 3 months and counting for a regular Corolla SE. Good luck getting a GR. I guess the same can be said for a number of vehicles though. Hybrids especially. I've heard 18 months for some hyundai hybrids. Back on topic, that white ITS rendered above is freaking amazing...
  20. Auto lights

    Well that sucks. Here is what I found in the owners manual.