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Search results

  1. JB4 Tuning

    Has anyone consider using this JB4 tuner ive been looking up a couple of vids from other cars but I cant tell if its fully trusted. instead of getting a tune and voiding the warranty this could be a better option. https://burgertuning.com/products/acura-jb4?variant=43759252668590
  2. How to turn off lane assist

    Hey guys I was wondering how to completely disable the lane assist in the Integra its kind of getting annoying to deal with sometimes it try's to keep me in a lane that isn't even a lane I just want to disable it completely I pretty much have to pay attention when driving a manual car so I don't...
  3. Aftermarket Headlight & Tail Lights ?

    Does anyone know if we have any type of aftermarket headlights or tail lights out there or if any other lights are compatible with the car I already did the side mirror lights so that they have a sequential signal but I would love to see that in the headlights or tail lights.
  4. Any aftermarket body kit parts

    Has anyone been able to put any sort of aftermarket body parts on there Integra maybe like a rear spoiler or a rear diffuser I've been on the look for some but I cant tell if the civic parts would possibly match up.