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  1. Well the reliability rankings look better....

    And Mercedes Benz the other direction, wow
  2. Very interested to hear from new ITS owners that came from a smaller car!

    The whole parking a larger car issue also seems to be dependent upon where you live. I moved from SoCal to Middle Tennessee, and the general car parking sizes (guidelines) are significantly bigger here in TN to accommodate for all the pickup trucks. My Veloster N in SoCal parked about the same...
  3. Starlight Headliner for 24’ Integra

    Might I recommend that you just don't look up.
  4. Rally Armor Mud Flaps now available....

    FWIW, statement from Rally Armor: Just an fyi that there are many types of plastics, however polyurethane is in its own unique category of tear, shock resistance, long term wear and tear resilience. Our material is custom formulated to endure all types of harsh weather. We produce Hyundai...
  5. Gas tank size

    Could it be learning your actual average MPG driving habit and therefore estimating based on that now?
  6. Rally Armor Mud Flaps now available....

    A while back I reached out to Rally Armor about the availability of their more aggressive mud flaps for the ITS. They told me it was in the works. Tonight they confirmed the availability: https://www.rallyarmor.com/index.php/mud-flaps-2023-acura-integra-type-c-60_404
  7. Initial ownership happiness by brand...

    I understood it to also be overall satisfaction with the vehicle in the first 90 days or so, which can include design, features and more, thus happiness factors.
  8. Initial ownership happiness by brand...

    Why do you think Acura did so poorly this year?
  9. Props from an Audi S4 driver

    Big thumbs up from a blue Ford Focus RS the other day.
  10. Grateful to Become an Owner

    I think Optronix was more worried about the sizing of the wheels and tires for winter setups, not the rubber compounds, as sizing can affect scrub radius and handling. I see you have 265 35 18's. I went with 255 35 18's in the same tire. Handling is a bit different, a bit more playful and...
  11. New Integra Longer than Civic Sedan, even.

    It makes you realize though how incredible some car designers have achieved such a mass of interior space with relatively small exteriors, the one that really comes to mind is the Volkswagen GTI. Another amazing example is the new 2024 Hyundai Kona.
  12. Type S Winter Wheels / Fitment Specs

    Uhhh, Kumho, Nexen and Hankook are all South Korean and they make fine tires.
  13. Basic Question RE: Alignment

    If you meant balancing rather than alignment then that is a yes.
  14. Pulled the trigger - Initial Review

    Mic dropped by Optronix right here. I wholeheartedly agree to the original poster's point though about overall speed performance in stock form. This car is so fast that avoiding speeding tickets is already a real problem, and for that reason I do not understand why people consider tuning this...
  15. Torque Steer Rant

    I had a first year version, great car except for that fact. One of the first cars where the stock tune of the engine sounded pretty amazing.
  16. Type S Winter Wheels / Fitment Specs

    Not seeing a video link?
  17. Type S Winter Wheels / Fitment Specs

    All great questions. I for one need a good video on the top recommended way to do this.