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  1. MPG's are way off!

    Here's one for you guys and gals...I've noticed that the on board mpg calculator is off all the time. When I first got the car it was only off by about 2 mpg (I check actual mpg at every fill up), and when I went to fill up today it showed a whopping 4 mpg difference! What the heck?!? It's...
  2. Squeaks, Rattles and Groans

    The title says it all. I've got one persistent squeak that will not go away, which I think may be from around the HUD, but I'm not certain. I've also noticed that when I depress the brake pedal there's an audible, almost groan, it gives off. So here's a few videos of the squeak in the dash, and...
  3. Hello al! I finally got my Integra!

    Hey all! I've been lurking around this site for a couple months while my Integra was on order and I finally got it! It's got just about everything, even the carbon spoiler and mirrors caps (which I haven't put on yet). It's a 6mt tech spec with the red interior. It's easily the nicest car I...