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  1. Please Help In Trying To Decide On What Tire Size To Get

    Thanks for posting these photos. I was thinking of going 235/45R18 to prevent curb rash and have a little more comfort and that's similar to the 245/45R18's you have in the photos. I like that meaty look and was interested in filling out the wheel well without having to lower the car on...
  2. Type S w/ black emblems on red vinyl. Don't really like. Thoughts?

    Red in back reminds me of 1960's Batmobile. I think Godo is right, maybe it's the shade of red that's too bright or something. Red in front reminds me of Rudolph the Reindeer as another mentioned. Black on black is nice.
  3. FL5 Sprint drop in filter.

    https://www.sprintfilter.net/automotive/products/honda/1.5-lx--ex-(p08-f1-85-air-filter)/22357 https://www.sprintfilter.net/automotive/products/honda/1.5-lx--ex-(p037-air-filter-for-demanding-conditions)/22356 And they have a research paper done on their filters...
  4. FL5 Sprint drop in filter.

    Yeah, same, the openings are around 80 microns which would let hair and dust into the engine. That's my big concern.
  5. FL5 Sprint drop in filter.

    Does it add any noticeable power along with the whoosh noises? I was thinking about getting this since its what Spoon uses for its filters. Edit: do you have any other intake mods like that PRL resonator delete?
  6. Stocks and Options

    Post a valuation of Honda Motor Corp. What is your WACC? How much are you projecting earnings to grow by in the next 5 years?
  7. 2023 Integra 6MT Build

    Nice, you have the Eibach springs installed. I was thinking about getting those too. How is the ride quality compared to stock with the Eibachs? Do they interfere with the adaptive suspension? Is the 1.3" F / 1.0" R drop accurate? Also, would you mind taking a side profile pic? White Integras...
  8. Titan7 T-S5 (18x8.5 +35) Yokohama Advan V601 (245/40R18) [PICS]

    Very nice combo. So you're saying that 18x8.5 +44 would be perfect? Are your wheels sticking out too much since the fronts are flush with the top of the fender.
  9. 2024 Acura Integra Type S Pricing & MPG Fuel Economy Released! Pre-Order Begins May 11

    Dammit, you're right. Everything went up $300.
  10. 2024 Acura Integra Type S Pricing & MPG Fuel Economy Released! Pre-Order Begins May 11

    Civic Hatchback Sport Touring comes with leather and retails for $32k. but I'm not sure if it makes sense for you to trade in your '21 (although your resale value might still be high at Carmax). But good luck finding one of those. You'll have to order one 6-12 months out. Yeah, technically its...
  11. 2024 Acura Integra Type S Pricing & MPG Fuel Economy Released! Pre-Order Begins May 11

    I forgot Elantra N, GR Corolla, Mini Coopers. Slim picking for us stick shifters. The manual transmission is trending hard into sports and performance car territory. Car makers are playing to the segment.
  12. 2024 Acura Integra Type S Pricing & MPG Fuel Economy Released! Pre-Order Begins May 11

    Yeah, people are paying +$10k for CTRs so they'll pay +$52k for ITS's. Most people don't get that there are lots of people willing to pay high prices for these cars. Honda and Acura don't owe anything to anybody except their shareholders.
  13. 2024 Acura Integra Type S Pricing & MPG Fuel Economy Released! Pre-Order Begins May 11

    lol not many. Manual transmissions and 4 doors are getting very rare these days. WRX, GTI, Golf R, Civic Si, Type R, Integra, ITS, CT4, CT5, Dodge Charger, Ford Bronco, M-cars
  14. Got tuxmats in today!! They look great

    Interested, and thanks for your other reply. Would you mind doing a really close zoom in on the material?
  15. What do you want in your performance intake system

    When selecting between intakes, I would consider in order: 1) Quality engineering (Keeping AFM stock would be a focus) - I've read that intakes can change AFMs and cause potential for damage. This is probably related to changing the MAF, too. 2) Power - needs to add power 3) Sound - I spent...
  16. Got tuxmats in today!! They look great

    How's the ease of cleaning these? I worried that the "weave" will trap dirt and salt where I live.
  17. Aftermarket Performance Mods Wishlist

    People have already chimed in about body work (front lip, side skirts, diffuser). 27WON already has the performance mods on lock, so offering the Civic/Integra lineup a good selection of high quality body work seems like a good step. IMO, there are too many wheels out already. Wheel...
  18. Simple White Integra Build.

    I second flyinglumpia's question. I'm really interested in your tire size. Your white on silver Teggy is the jam, man. And is it lowered? Kind of looks like it in the photos.
  19. Any insight on integra cvt vs 10th gen civic

    The CVT is quite alright. I test drove an Integra over Labor Day weekend because I'm trying to decide between the Integra and the Si. I would recommend the CVT transmission to all typical average non-enthusiast drivers. No problems and puts the power down, it was actually so good that I'm...