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  1. 2023 Integra Test Drive Impressions, Reviews, Photos

    I cancelled my order. /ducks This is a huge disappointment for me as I have been excited to get the Integra. I was one of the first 500 to order and had picked out a place for window tinting/ceramic coating/debadging, got an insurance quote, downloaded the paperwork for a private sale of my...
  2. 2023 Integra Accessories & Packages + Prices

    Shift knobs (usually) screw in. There are many options available.
  3. Brought her home! Liquid Carbon A-Spec Integra

    I did that wheel swap for you. $1429 + tax. Installation included.
  4. Blue/Orchid newborns?

    Just so you know, lauren01, my due date is shortly after yours but if your OB/GYN operates across Interstate 80 to get to your California delivery room, there might be a baby snatching near Reno. :innocent:
  5. 2023 Integra Might Be Acura’s Last New Internal-Combustion Model

    LINK TO CARSCOOPS ARTICLE Automotive News reports that the 2023 Integra will be Acura's last new gasoline-powered model and it will be followed by its first fully electric vehicle in 2024. We have reached out to Acura for comment on this story and will update it when we hear back.
  6. To Rev Match or Not to Rev Match?

    If you're blipping the throttle when you downshift in the Miata, that will be unnecessary in the Integra. If you're not (and it's really unnecessary in the Miata unless you're doing heavy-duty engine braking) then downshifts will be the same [clutch in-throttle off-downshift-clutch release]...
  7. 2023 Integra OWNERS MANUAL!

    OK, three more items: 1. Remotely opening windows (and roof!) 2. Press accelerator pedal--Car go fast 3. Is this the only car that has this remarkable feature? eat?
  8. 2023 Integra OWNERS MANUAL!

    Do you think Acura will approve of my editing of their manual?
  9. 2023 Integra OWNERS MANUAL!

    The manual has 22 pages on "If a Tire Goes Flat." Fun Fact: If a tire is low on air, you can use the compressor to inflate the tire without using the sealant. Also, it comes with this handy "speed restriction label" [which is probably misprinted in the manual-U.S. likely has "MPH and (km/h)"]...
  10. 2023 Integra OWNERS MANUAL!

    Page 137-Head-Up display has several options (I like the turn-by-turn navigation) and you can adjust its location on your windshield.
  11. Driving Reviews of 2023 Integra (here's some early pre-embargo)

    Victoria Scott (one of the best!) writes in THE DRIVE Excerpts (but read the whole thing) Acura didn’t forget what made the Integra name special, or what it takes to make it a worthy step up from the Honda Civic it shares a platform with. The interior is a welcome departure from the...
  12. Driving Reviews of 2023 Integra (here's some early pre-embargo)

    SAVAGEGEESE A lot smoother than the Civic. Feels sharp when you drive it harder. Feels connected. It doesn't feel like the old Integra--this is a way better car. "It's a better car with a lot less emotion connected to it than the previous generation cars." "Better than the SI."
  13. Driving Reviews of 2023 Integra (here's some early pre-embargo)

    Here is someone driving the manual. I don't speak Spanish so I can't translate. YOUTUBE LINK And translation from the article. LINK https://ourautoexpert.com/acura-integra-2023-el-regreso-de-la-leyenda-con-transmision-manual/ Sport-tuned suspension makes the Integra fun to drive...
  14. Driving Reviews of 2023 Integra (here's some early pre-embargo)

    Someone just couldn't wait. HERE IS A LINK to a driving review from Jeff Salle. A few highlights: "There аre shifters with shorter “throws” from geаr to geаr аnd shifters with more heft, but Acurа’s shifter аnd linkаge combinаtion is exceptionаl. The trаnsitions between geаrs аre fluid аnd...
  15. 2023 Integra Accessories & Packages + Prices

    It looks like the A-Spec comes with "A-Spec door sill garnish," not illuminated.
  16. Official: 2023 Acura Integra Full Pricing & Availability (June 2022) Released!

    Oh, the thread we could start with this (but, please DON'T).