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  1. Post your delivery pics here!

    My god- gorgeous
  2. 2023 Integra A-Spec Trade-in Value?

    Wow! Aspec with tech for 33.9k is great!
  3. So much hate for this car! Are you disappointed with your purchase?

    PERFECTLY SAID! Exactly how I feel( you know , since you watched the video with me saying the same thing😂😇)
  4. YouTube discussion with real owner and dealership

    Thank you. Really no prep just let it fly! That was as taped last Wednesday, the 29th, so now I’m well over 3000😂. I’ve been looking around shops closer to home . Even though the gas mileage is amazing, putting 70+5/6 days a week, racks them up quickly.
  5. Owner’s Initial Thoughts 250 Miles In

    Exactly what I’m at, just turned 1000 miles today. Granted I got it may 31, and my commute is 75 miles round trip
  6. Real-World MPG

    No more than 10 over- so far😈 so not more than 74mph
  7. Real-World MPG

    Shot of my first full tank with a full week of driving to and from work.75% highway. I’m definitely cool with it
  8. Ktuner for 2023 Integra is live!

    I’m at 800 without going over 4000 rpm, I feel that is sufficient- just my opinion. Granted I have a75 mile per day round trip to work and I got mine may 31
  9. Ktuner for 2023 Integra is live!

    That was my only concern. I’m installing tonight! Thank you!
  10. Ktuner for 2023 Integra is live!

    So like previous tunes for 10th gen… this is all with stock - no mods?also, how does the clutch hold up on the higher psi? Thank you so much- I’m so excited!
  11. Official MAJESTIC BLACK PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    I did pay for the ceramic coating( did it on my ‘19 Si as well). It reallllly keeps it shining, since it’s applied before it got on the road.
  12. Official MAJESTIC BLACK PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    I love that the emblems are actually black, not the smoked chrome(which still look good). I’m ecstatic about how all the black looks, and the diffuser looks like it’s just supposed to be there.
  13. Official MAJESTIC BLACK PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    Just picked it from the dealership- NOW with the blacked out emblems, side spoilers, diffuser and window visors. The window visors are SUPER HIGH QUALITY. Very rigid with clips to hold in place.
  14. Official MAJESTIC BLACK PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    I’m really interested to see the illuminated one
  15. Official MAJESTIC BLACK PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    Def has some flake in there for that sparkle!
  16. My 2023 Integra owner experience. I LOVE this car.

    Love it! It’s like looking in the mirror! I’ll get my black emblems, diffuser, and side spoilers Wednesday. Looks great!
  17. This wait will be the end of me!

    That’s great info- I’ve never had an Acura before this, and the seat thing has been driving me crazy getting in and out. Just haven’t had time to sit and play yet. Just drive back and forth to work to pay for it😂
  18. She's home! Delivery of Majestic Black Integra A-Spec

    Just talked to my dealership- they have all the accessories in for the Sport Black package, but can’t get me in until Tuesday after work…so next Wednesday afternoon I’ll have pics with the diffuser, side spoilers, and blacked out emblems