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  1. Early Integra Type S Test Drives.

    Same… under promise and over deliver. Maximum flexibility.
  2. Introducing the 2024 Acura Integra Type S! On Sale in June

    PSA: It’s always an option to ignore opinions you don’t like.
  3. So....who managed to order a Type S?

    I have a couple suggestions for him.
  4. Who wishes Acura made an Integra Type S?

    Agreed, when the Integra was mostly copy/paste it shouldn’t have been a surprise when they did the same with CTR to ITS. Doesn’t make it a bad idea, I’m sure it was the best financial play. I too was hopeful they’d shake things up a bit… AWD would’ve been cool… 10AT I guess. I guess Type R...
  5. Who wishes Acura made an Integra Type S?

    People gonna complain, true story ^^^. People like to do it and people like to click like on it. Let’s imagine a world without manufactured scarcity where you could get that FL5… an ITS done in the same thinking as the RSX Type S makes sense and grows the brand more effectively… it’s what they...
  6. Who wishes Acura made an Integra Type S?

    Really, this car is 2 seats short of an Integra Type R. Sure that’s arguable, but does anyone else wish Acura hadn’t copy-pasted the CTR but rather took the Accord 2.0T and made something to fill the gap between the Integra A spec and the CTR on power/price? Instead, they seized the...
  7. Canada ordering

    They were, then pricing came out. 😂
  8. Moonroof in type S possible in future?

    I’ve only ever owned manuals too. Putting an aftermarket sunroof in an MR2 or even a regular Integra isn’t a big deal… but I wouldn’t recommend doing it to an ITS. It’ll devalue what’s likely to be a pretty valuable car down the road when EVs are the norm.
  9. Moonroof in type S possible in future?

    I’m not saying it’s impossible or not a nice to have. I’m just saying it’s highly unlikely that Honda is going to do it and wouldn’t make plans or wait for the what if. They’re fairly predictable these days. When they added 5hp over CTR it was obvious the ITS would get priced higher. All...
  10. Moonroof in type S possible in future?

    I feel that anyone hanging onto the idea of the ITS getting a sunroof isn’t firmly rooted in reality… and is probably waiting for AWD, Type R and coupe to show up too.
  11. Canada ordering

    Another revenue generating opportunity for the dealer. Not sure what fair is for ceramic coat but 1250 non-negotiable isn’t it. I assume you tried for a more reasonable price on the ceramic. Last Honda dealer I dealt with took a few hundred off paint protection.
  12. Canada ordering

    Especially after we all go out and buy an Integra Type S. Hard to find value anywhere these days… covid ruined so many things. Buying a ‘17 Si for the same price as a ’99 Prelude was a great value. Like many other companies, that Honda is no more. The clawback of ADM on the Si/CTR/ITS makes...
  13. Integra Type S Product Guide [Canada]: Features, Accessories, Color Options (Interior/Exterior)

    True story. It is nice to be in a province where ADM isn’t legal though.
  14. 2024 Acura Integra Type S Walk Around and Look at 2.0L 4-cyl K20C1 Engine

    Downside here is 35k for Si to 42k Integra with minimal added value is a tough pill to swallow. Sure Integra looks better but that money doesn’t get you much past a hatchback, nicer exterior and interior (imo). Adaptable suspension is nice but my 10th already has it. HUD, power seats, etc I...
  15. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    They’re not 18s though, which is what the poster wanted. I’m on the same page, the smaller and thinner the better for winters. Sounds like nothing smaller than 18s will clear the calipers.
  16. Canada ordering

    Could go either way, my guess is not until at least a mid cycle refresh or next gen (if at all). Not unusual to get less options in Canada and sometimes they add more sometimes not. On a vehicle with this limited volume in this small a market I’d be surprised if they add more color choices.
  17. Canada ordering

    My understanding from talking to the dealer is they don’t know the colors of the 7 allocations they have yet but I believe the list of 6 Canadian colors is correct. When each color will be available appears to be a mystery for now.
  18. First mods on your Integra Type S will be?

    What dashcam are you going with?
  19. Moonroof in type S possible in future?

    Rumor has it the extra power of the K20 was causing chassis twist and cracking the moonroofs so they got deleted. Could be revisited in next (12th) gen but that’s a ways off 2029/2030 and far from guaranteed.
  20. Canada ordering

    Not sure how they know but they seemed certain and I’ve know the guy I’m dealing with personally for a long time so highly doubt he’s lying.