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  1. Integra Type-S Interior Images from preorder site

    Sharing for anyone interested--grabbed from yesterday's preorder system:
  2. 2024 Integra Type-S Colors Renderings From Order Reservation Page

    Just in case anyone is curious to see the pics that were available on the reservation page, I grabbed them from a tab that I'd left open:
  3. ZDX Type-S Coming in 2024

    I can't be the only one who saw Acura's email about the "electrified" 2024 ZDX Type-S, right? If you missed it, here's the press release: https://acuranews.com/en-US/releases/new-acura-zdx-and-zdx-type-s-will-take-brands-precision-crafted-performance-into-the-electrified-era So what does...
  4. TLX Type S Front Lip on the integra?

    I'm one week away from 2 months of ownership, and I'm already losing patience for the aftermarket companies to make body kits for this thing. Anyone else? I saw someone on Reddit say their Acura dealership installed the carbon fiber front lip from the TLX Type-S on their Integra and it fit, but...
  5. All Season Mats + Trunk Trays - OEM vs Competitors

    I picked up a set of Acura's all-season floor mats today along with a trunk liner, and I'm generally satisfied... frankly, I felt the factory carpet mats provided zero protection, and I needed something right away, so I didn't have time to be too picky... overall, I disagree with the Acura Talk...
  6. 2023 Integra Test Drive Impressions, Reviews, Photos

    Now that demo models and customer allocations are starting to hit dealerships, I thought it'd be smart to make a place to compile takeaways after test drives. Please feel free to contribute! I checked out the Liquid Carbon/Red demo that just arrived at Acura Columbus and was extremely...
  7. Carbon/Red 6MT Demo at Acura Columbus

    It hasn't been released by the service department yet, but if you're in the area, you should be able to check out a Liquid Carbon/Red 6MT Integra at Acura Columbus by EOB today. According to two the sales guys, test drives will be allowed. Lindsay Acura hasn't received a demo yet.
  8. Integra media first drives are starting today in Austin!

    Integra first drives are starting today, and Javier Mota just shared this video from last night: If you catch any other posts from the Austin media event, feel free to share them here!
  9. Integra Type-S Predictions - PLACE YOUR BETS!!!

    My boss is out today and I guess I feel like stirring the pot, so here we go... there's the dedicated thread for what we'd all want in an Integra Type-S and what we'd pay for it, but now that we have the Base-Tech features/pricing, who wants to debate what Acura will actually do? I think Honda...