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  1. Thermal R&D Front-pipe-back exhaust

    I found this while searching for exhaust systems for the Integra, looks like they have two versions - one with polished tips and one with black ones. Acura Integra (2023) Front Pipe Back Exhaust Polished Exhaust Tips – Thermal R&D Exhaust (thermalrd.com) Acura Integra (2023) Front Pipe Back...
  2. Hondata CARB tune for '23+ Integra?

    I've searched Hondata's website and found the CARB tune for the 11th gen Civic Si, but the Integra seems to have just the standard tune. Is the Si CARB tune compatible with the Integra? Will there be a standalone CARB tune released for the Integra? Apologies if this has been answered already...
  3. APEX'i N1-X Evolution Extreme Catback Exhaust

    Looks like APEX'i is going to release a catback exhaust for the Integra (and Civic Si) soon. Here's a link to their website A'PEXi N1-X Evolution Extreme Exhaust - 2022+ Honda Civic Si (FE1) / Acura Integra (DE4) - YouTube
  4. How to install OEM splash guards (no cutting fender liner)

    Installing the OEM splashguards is very easy. The only tools you need are a stubby Phillips screwdriver and a pushpin. You can buy the splash guard set from your dealership or online from various stores. The box comes with four splash guards for each corner, and a bag with hardware. I printed...
  5. FE1 Civic Si and DE4 Integra cat-back exhausts interchangeable?

    I was looking at Remark's website for exhausts and I see that the 11th gen Civic Si and new Integra have the same part number. I guess it's early, but has anyone put on an Si exhaust on their Integra? Sports Touring (LINK LOOP) Catback Exhaust - Acura Integra DE4 (2023+) | REMARK USA...
  6. Picked up my 6MT Apex Blue Integra today!

    2023 Acura Integra A-Spec Tech 6MT in Apex Blue Pearl/Ebony. This is my first new car, I'm so excited to be driving this! Coming from an 8th gen Civic Si sedan, there's some things I like, some that I don't, and some that I think I'll get used to. I love how the car looks in person. Apex Blue...
  7. 2023 Integra Exhaust Rev Sounds [First Look @ Performance Red Pearl Integra]

    Link: Streamable video link of the new Integra with some revs. Source is from Instagram @acuraconnected