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  1. Sticky/Jerky Steering issue

    I got in the Integra this afternoon to drive about 25 miles (and back). I noticed a few strange behaviors with CarPlay and a problem with the steering. The first clue that something wasn't right was that wireless CarPlay activated when I started the car. I don't use wireless CarPlay, in fact I...
  2. Did AcuraLink stop working for anyone else?

    I brought my car home Tuesday and was able to set up the AcuraLink app that night. I activated the remote package and it was working fine on Wednesday. I was able to see the fuel range, lock the doors, and flash the lights. Thursday it stopped working. Now it won’t show any remote info and the...
  3. How’s the A/C?

    I noticed test driving the demo car that the A/C seemed weak, compared to my 2012 MDX. The integra was already on the coldest temp (68 I think) when I started it up, but it wasn’t super cool and didn’t really change over 30 minutes or so. Thought it might just be that car but just saw some A/C...