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  1. DIY: Homelink garage door opener via Siri

    I, like many of you, was disappointed with the lack of a Homelink mirror. Some have posted part numbers that could possibly work. Two problems…too expensive and the mirror itself is not frameless like the Integra’s OEM one (which I really like). This morning, I finally set out to find a...
  2. ADS error delete/canceller/bypass prototype

    Hello all. I wanted to create this thread to bring awareness to those thinking about going coilovers. As you may know, unplugging the OEM dampers will produce an error light on your dash. To make things worse, it will lock you into Normal Drive Mode. I’ve been working with Silver’s North...
  3. Photoshoot with 6 month review of 2023 Integra A-Spec Tech 6MT

    I just hit 6 months ownership of my A-Spec 6MT and 3k miles on the odometer, and I‘m loving this car more every day. It’s such a pleasure to drive. Shifting gears is so much fun and rewarding, and the overall peppiness of the car adds to the satisfaction. And the MPGs are a definite bonus! For...
  4. Squeaky / creak noise from driver seat?

    Anyone having a noisy seat? Mine makes noise if I adjust myself in the seat or as I turn around corners. I’m guessing it’s the seat rail. Maybe needs a tiny bit of lube. If you had this issue, how’d you resolve?
  5. A-Spec Premium Floor Mats Review w/ Pics

    Finally had a chance to wrap up all my mods, and I saved this until last. They feel thicker than than standard OEM mats. My original mats were used for 2,600 miles, vacuumed every 1-2 weeks, but never spray treated with Scotchguard. The new one in the picture have already been treated with...
  6. Updated PICS and VIDEO: 3pc 19” Work VS-XX Wheels + Silver's Coilovers

    Coilovers are maxed out in the front and 2 threads shy of maxed out in the rear. Running -0.8 natural camber in the front and -1.5 camber in the rear via SPC camber arms. Coilovers ride great (2 clicks from softest). No rubbing, scrapping, or noise whatsoever. Wheels: 19X9 +33 (all around)...
  7. Feedback on A-Spec CARPETED floor mats

    Anyone have any first hand experience with the Premium carpeted A-Spec floor mats with the red stitching around the edge? How do they compare to the standard mats? Are they thicker and more plush? I might ask Santa for a set.
  8. Which fuse for Adaptive Suspension? (diagram inside)

    Hi all. Working on a fix for the dash light and ADS after I installed aftermarket coilovers. Does anyone know which fuse is tied to the adaptive suspension?
  9. PICS: First Integra with coilovers (Silver’s)

    Silver’s used my car to test out a kit they plan to release for our cars. I visited their shop today in Ft Myers, FL today to get everything fitted and installed. Their staff are very knowledgeable and professional in all that they do. They were able to explain the whole process, and they set...
  10. Spring Rate recommendations for coilovers

    I’m possibly looking to transition from Eibach springs to coilovers in the near future. While there is nothing officially out for our cars, I’m in the process of purchasing a set from the 11th gen Civic SI. Long story short, I need to know what spring rates I should go with. Our cars have a...
  11. 2023 Integra w/ Eibach springs, SPC camber arms, wheel spacers (and alignment specs)

    I’m posting this info based on my experience. My goal was to get rid of most of the gap, reduce negative rear camber caused by the drop, and install spacers to give it that nice flush look. This setup is intended to hold me over until new 3pc wheels are delivered. I have already order a set of...