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  1. 6 Spd shifter boot disconnect

    I wanted to drop the shifter boot on my car to possibly change the knob for on which won't freeze or burn my hand in weather extremes. Last summer was a burn my hand learning experience and I actually put a leather glove over the shifter knob on very hot sunny days. I tried to pry the boot...
  2. 6MT accelerating from a red light

    I have experienced numerous scary moments when being first in line at a red light. When the light turns green I take off and shift to 2nd gear at around 3000rpm. There is always a slight lag in acceleration from first to second gear, this is a normal occurrence for me in a standard shift...
  3. Rear Defogger performance

    I have the type A with tech and I believe the rear defogger is slow to clear the window. While the mirrors clear fast the back glass seems to take a solid 15 minuets to clear. Are others finding about the same time frame or is mine not up to spec?
  4. Steering wheel shudder on startup

    Hello All, I have noticed that my steering wheel sometimes shudders and vibrates for a moment on startup. This happens only occasionally and not all the time. Anyone notice this ?
  5. First week with my 2023 Integra, Update 1000mi

    I have my new Integra for a little more than a week now. 2023 6MT, in LCM. I have about 300 miles on it now. First tank of fuel gave me about 27.5 mpg mostly local roads driving. I didn't like the HUD at first I thought it was distracting but I quickly got used to it. Most of the time I...