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  1. So had just about every light on my dash turn on randomly driving on the highway .. anyone else experience this?

    My car had this issue when my driver side headlight started shorting after my car was struck while parked. Water got into the housing and caused the car to throw every single code imaginable.
  2. New owner - 2023 Silver Integra!

    Summer tires and lighter rims on this car are the best bang for your buck performance upgrade. I was going to do the same but am now waiting on a Type S.
  3. 1.5L TurboCharged Engine a ticking bomb?

    The L15CA motor, like the L15B7, is fine if you keep up on maintenance and don’t try to shove a bunch of power into it without supporting mods. It seems these motors do fine with autox events and occasional track days, stock. Just keep up on maintenance.
  4. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    I don’t hate the L15CA, it gets the job done. But I can completely understand why you waited. The 1.5 would have been greatly suited for a lighter, coupe variant of the Integra. But let’s be honest, the ASPEC should have came with the detuned 2.0T that the Accord now lacks.
  5. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    Curse you, I’m #12!! I was late to putting in an order on my ASPEC 6MT, but got my Integra before a lot of people last year. I think my likeness for Lunar Silver helps.
  6. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    Acura of Brookfield in Wisconsin. MSRP, No markup and no forced packages. The staff is awesome there!
  7. Dust in Headlights

    I’ve noticed it as well… it’s annoying.
  8. Introducing the 2024 Acura Integra Type S! On Sale in June

    I hope they have a silver color. Maybe I’ll get in line again…
  9. Oil Filter Part Number

    Just changed my oil this week at 3500 miles. It was explained to me by the dealer that the service interval for oil is at 15% (or like 7k miles?). Im paranoid from my last Direct Injected car. Intake valves were absolutely coked with carbon from all the blowby at 50k miles, after going 6k miles...
  10. Sub installed pt 2..with video

    Nice setup! What is the car like without the faux engine sounds?
  11. Do these accessory prices make any sense?

    $47k for a A-Spec w/tech... oof, I would just wait for a Type S.
  12. DE4 Linked Loop Catback Exhaust by REMARK (cold start, sounds)

    I thought I heard it in your vid, but it essentially sounds like a jingling of keys only when decelerating / not in neutral. Would you mind sending me a link to that blanket? I might run that on my car too!
  13. DE4 Linked Loop Catback Exhaust by REMARK (cold start, sounds)

    Does your Integra also have the waste gate rattle as well when decelerating?
  14. 2023 Liquid Carbon/Red 6MT

    Damn, the DC5r shift knob looks like the perfect knob in our Integras!
  15. Hitch Not Opening from Fob or Button

    The fob button will not actuate the hatch. It allows the hatch to be unlocked, without the key being close. The scenario for using the fob button is if you want to unlock the hatch from a distance for someone else to open.
  16. Headlights

    Theyre probably still a$$holes :bump:
  17. Headlights

    Honestly man, I assume that the car flashing their high’s are just their auto high beams lol! My integra seems to do it all the time, even when the auto highbeam setting is on the most sensitive!
  18. Simple White Integra Build.

    Beautiful build!! What Aodhans are those?
  19. Destroyed Front bumper and Grill

    To all watching this thread, the parts have been ordered. Some parts such as the lower grille and upper bumper cover are on indefinite back order. A few days before dropping the vehicle off, the headlight stopped working while driving. When dropping the car off at the auto bodyshop, the car...
  20. Destroyed Front bumper and Grill

    Sounds good!