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  1. I made a deal!

    I got a local dealer to commmit to sellling me a car when Im ready in December, 12/22 for MSRP plus up to 2k in add on's that I select, accessories etc.. they said they will do it. The only issue obviously is allocations, they won't know how long it is going to take them to get me the car once I...
  2. So....who managed to order a Type S?

    I went on around 130 pm EST today and was able to reserve one, but I chose not too. they didn't offer a color I want and honestly Iam not ready to buy yet. I'm curious about others though, so who reserved an Integra today??
  3. My offer to Acura dealers

    I am willing to leave a deposit now, for a car to arrive after the June release of the initial 200. I am not interested in one of those cars as I won't be ready to purchase until December. So my offer has been this, If a dealer will promise me a car at MSRP in December when I am ready, (Even...
  4. My dealer offered a way to buy the Type S for MSRP in June

    So, I get a text today while I was out, the girl I'm dealing with at Acura near my home said, her sales manager told her any customers who successfully reserve a Type S on the 11th and indicate that you will purchase the car from their dealership, they will sell it at MSRP. Future cars beyond...