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  1. A look at my personalized Integra (full wrap)

    How much was just the wrap did you get an itemized break down? I'm curious if it is competitive with paint correction and ppf.
  2. So....who managed to order a Type S?

    Yes, Jen from Acura of Berlin Ct said the same thing. First 200 MSRP all others after those for the remainder of the year would be larked up, she didn't say how much.
  3. type of gas

    I took this from the Honda site. 2.0 L engine models Unleaded premium gasoline, pump octane number 93 or higher Use of a lower octane gasoline can cause occasional metallic knocking noise in the engine and will result in decreased engine performance. Use of a gasoline with a pump octane...
  4. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    To add a dealer, Acura of Avon Ct has said they will sell me a Type S when I am ready later this year, Dec or Jan for MSRP. The deal was we are also looking for an RDX, so if I buy both from this dealer, they will sell them to me at MSRP. I know this may not help others who aren't looking for...
  5. I made a deal!

    Just to update this post. The deal I was making fell through, BUT another dealer in my area accepted "other" terms. I mentioned my wife needs an RDX as well but we are waiting for a refresh as we don't like the current infotainment system or interior that much. Plus I want to buy a Type S...
  6. Accesories for Integra A spec tech MT

    Color is so subjective man, if you love it that is all that matters. I didn't mean to piss in your Wheaties man, sorry if it came out that way. The car is great and I am sure you will love it.
  7. So....who managed to order a Type S?

    Agreed, BUT, look at the Type R, made in Japan by Japanese, it has no issues with gaps, color matches or anything else, (except seat welds.) lol. It's just hey the car is literally twice what the car it is based on costs, you get can get a Civic or civic Sport for 25 to 27k, but 52 + for the...
  8. Accesories for Integra A spec tech MT

    Your car looks amazing, enjoy it.
  9. Accesories for Integra A spec tech MT

    Sure. you will have to sort through the videos to find the one or two where he talks about the color and his feelings. He is weighing getting either a Type S or a Type R. Below is A video from his channel, you will have to either watch all of his Integra videos or fish through them, in two of...
  10. Door/panel alignment

    Hmm it does seem like an adjustment is all it would take, but having not owned one first hand, I don't really know.
  11. I made a deal!

    Nah, its the journey, not the destination, right?

    No negativity at all, realistic expectations and of course, My opinion.
  13. So....who managed to order a Type S?

    BUT, they don't share many if any panels, the fenders, hood, etc.. all new made in Maryville. SO for practical terms this is a new car or first run.
  14. Moonroof in type S possible in future?

    Something tells me once you get into some canyon style roads where you can push the type s, you will forget all about the sunroof.
  15. I made a deal!

    Well my deal fell apart, and I'm glad it did, I didn't want to travel out of town to leave a deposit I would then wait months for a car and only then found out for sure.... screw it, I'm waiting now. January 2024 probably or even later maybe Feb or March depends on how sales do, and allocations'...
  16. So....who managed to order a Type S?

    Yeah, I think your better off waiting, they are goign to continue this line for the 2024 calcend3er year and beyond so.. no need to be one of the first, matter of fact it is a good rule of thumb to NEVER buy the first release of ANY car, let them work out the bugs, tweak the car and work out...
  17. So....who managed to order a Type S?

    Honestly, I think those who missed the reservations will later be glad they did. the fit and finish, details, paint correction etc.. on these initial cars might not reflect the best Acura can do, or did, getting these out per the deadlines they set. You might be thankful later when the second...
  18. Accesories for Integra A spec tech MT

    Personally I am not a fan of that color or should I say lack of color combo. It seems so monochromatic or plain, when you watch a review with this ciombo it seems as if it isfilmed in black and white. I dunnpo, I want a splash of color, for me the white, or Apex blue exterior and interior has to...

    Honestly, when I decided to buy a new car, I was going to get the Sport Civic, because it came with the 2.0 liter non turbo, and that motor is bullet proof. then I looked at the sport touring, model even though it has that horrible 1.5 DI turbo motor, that I would never buy, but I did like some...
  20. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    Exactly. Happy couple happy life. I know it doesn't rhyme but it sure does matter. I've been married 35+ years so... I know how to make it work. Common sense on common ground and where we differ shouldn't hurt or effect the other.