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  1. Apex Blue / Orchid - 6MT

    Sorry I took a break from this site for just a little because I was obsessing over type s and fact i can't get one right now :'( So I haven't really posted in a bit I" appreciate the compliments! I would like to see the door sills- I think I will just install those and the visors afterall, they...
  2. List of Honest Acura Dealerships For Type S (MSRP vs Markup List -- Integra Type S)

    I really hope they continue to produce them and add features this first run was missing and price drop too
  3. 2024 Acura Integra Type S Preordering Officially Begins!

    Well hopefully the popularity keeps them producing these cars and improving upon them and increasing supply 🙏🙏🙏I want one eventually
  4. Moonroof in type S possible in future?

    I’ve only ever owned manual sports cars all with either ttops or sunroofs and never experienced leaks even with the aftermarket one … I use them every time weather is nice and warm. It’s kind of a necessary item for me
  5. Moonroof in type S possible in future?

    I’m depressed over it honestly. Every sports car ever have ever owned has had sunroof or moonroof orttop. I always used them and never had any leak issues ever. They should let customers have option up custom order one. I mean for that price tier
  6. Price / Value Poll (2024 Integra Type S)

    I think 60-70% have chosen to wait longer or buy something else
  7. Price / Value Poll (2024 Integra Type S)

    🤣🤣🤣 that’s super funny!! Hehe
  8. Price / Value Poll (2024 Integra Type S)

    Thank you for your advice - honestly I'm holding onto hope it will be offered as an option eventually :)
  9. Price / Value Poll (2024 Integra Type S)

    Oh funny I literally just mentioned that about $15k above value of my current 6mt would be most I’d want to jump up. But given the many features that are missing for forking that much cash over to upgrade I do not see it worth it at the time. I am hoping they make small tweaks before releasing...
  10. Price / Value Poll (2024 Integra Type S)

    As I’ve admitted before, because I had no idea what the price would be I had a top figure in my head that I couldn’t go above and that figure with the markup was $48K. I was willing to go $15k over my current car’s trade in value and no higher. I think it is smart to wait, the value of my new...
  11. Apex Blue / Orchid - 6MT

    https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/fees-credits-invoices/motors-fees?id=4127 Hrmmm … to me it just looks like a fixed price, maybe send where you see info about that fee?
  12. Apex Blue / Orchid - 6MT

    Oh damn that doesn’t sound right to me, I definitely didn’t pay that percent… you sure that applies to the motors? I definitely only paid a $70 listing fee but nothing more… unless recently changed… I’m very surprised to hear!
  13. White A Spec build

    Hey I knew I recognized you, Ifollow you on IG! haha I'm Indie.Blue22 on there :)
  14. Apex Blue / Orchid - 6MT

    It was very easy to sell on there! Had much better luck than auto trader honestly! I have used it to sell 3 cars now I’ve bought cars through eBay too over many years. I like that it’s easy to weed ppl out by looking at feedback score too!
  15. Apex Blue / Orchid - 6MT

    Thank you! Here was my listing for that car if you were curious to see! https://www.ebay.com/itm/334794469554?ssPageName=Action:MSHP
  16. Apex Blue / Orchid - 6MT

    Oh yes Iwas super excited when I bought this car so Igot so many random things on amazon with amazon reward dollars haha including a led garbage bag you see inthe passenger side, a visor clip-on tissue holder and a tray for inside that center console to hold more things like loose change- there...
  17. Moonroof in type S possible in future?

    😞😞😞 sad to think SUVs are taking full rein and so are electrics too…. I’m stubborn in that I’ve never owned an automatic and have refused to buy one, my 2009 g37s I owned 10 yrs had so many issues at the end- it needed a new transmission but simultaneously an engine block leak, so it was time to...
  18. Moonroof in type S possible in future?

    I’m trying to stay optimistic for future is all :) gotta save up the extra cash now and will need time for that